5 Types Of Guys You Need To Meet Before You Find The Right One

by Meredith L. Brown

As a single college girl, it's easy to get wrapped up in thinking about all the guys you DON'T have.

There are the multiple crushes who played with your heart then left, along with the deafening declarations of all the “perfect men” your friends have found.

But, let us not forget the guys you do have.

There are so many men you will meet in college — romantic prospect or not — who will not only change who you are, but also change how you view men for the rest of your life. Remember, the men you meet today will shape whom you marry tomorrow.

Single ladies, take note: The following are the five types of guys you need to meet in college. You may develop feelings for them, you may not.

Either way, they WILL restore your faith in Prince Charming, Jack Dawson and Noah Calhoun. Most importantly, they will restore your faith in yourself.

Mr. Successful, Who Everyone Knows

It feels good to say you know him or to walk into a room with him.

His suit is perfectly pressed, and you are obsessed with his ability to wow anyone he talks to and turn any situation in his favor. He could win a business card collection contest.

This guy is 100 percent "Mother Approved." But, be warned: Serious relationships are far beyond what lay on the outside. Single girls sometimes mix up pride associated with being with "the popular, successful guy" with feelings.

You have to be able to be happy with this person when it's just you, in your coffee-stained pajamas, shamelessly eating Junior Mints on the couch. And chances are, you realize you could never do that with this guy. You're not even sure he owns sweatpants.

No need to worry; this guy is still VERY IMPORTANT! This guy will teach you how to "walk the walk and talk the talk." You'll have the confidence, resources and wit you need to command any room you walk in, without him.

So, next time you shake the hand of a famous CEO, you'll act as if he were there beside you. Before you know it, you have a business card or a follow-up phone call.

The One Who Worships You

Single girls out there: CHERISH THIS BOY! This is the guy who will get you through those nights when you're all like, "No one likes me."

Trust me, this is the guy who would do just about anything for you, but you keep ignoring him or pushing him away because you find it “creepy.” And, while I do not condone taking advantage of his easy-to-manipulate feelings, maybe you should give in. Give him a chance.

Let's be honest: Guys who worship girls don't come around often, so just let him love. It won't do any harm. And, you never know — you might just like him back with time.

Either way, remember this guy when you are dating a jerk. Remember this guy and dump the jerk. You deserve to be worshipped.

Your Nerdy Sidekick

You don't have any romantic feelings toward this guy, but he sure does make for a perfect person to laugh over Papa John's with. Maybe he taught you how to read a military map or you both talk Star Wars together like it's the most important news story happening in the world.

Take note of all these quirky, odd moments. Just like you shouldn't be with "Mr. Successful" if you aren't comfortable with him behind the scenes, you also shouldn't be afraid to show a guy your nerdiest self.

Your "Nerdy Sidekick" is here to remind you about all of the fun you can have with a guy. So, next time you are on a date with a guy who turns his nose up at watching Harry Potter all day, ask for the check!

The Sensitive, Good Listener, Shoulder-To-Lean-On Guy

Raise your hand if you have a guy to whom you talk like a girl. He listens to all of your petty, girl problems and even your boy problems, too. A guy who listens and understands a girl's feelings is a winner!

This guy isn't your boyfriend, but he's the one you need when your crush cancels a date. You run to his dorm room and you cry; your makeup is everywhere.

But, be careful; this guy might be able to listen because he doesn't have the confidence to speak his mind. Try reversing the role for your Mr. Sensitive. Listening is not a role we girls get to practice much. We usually do the talking and never give guys the chance to chime in.

Keep in mind the insight you can gain from hearing about what's happening in this guy's head.

The Uncontrollable One, Who Makes You Laugh

Have you ever thought of a guy and started to laugh while shaking your head in denial? If you have, you've met your "Mr. Uncontrollable, Who Makes You Laugh." He is rambunctious, out of control and a total rebel.

Half the time, when you are with him, you just want to cover your face and go, "Why?" You genuinely think you would go crazy if you dated him. He doesn't follow the rules; he's a mediocre student and thinks life is just going to fall into his lap. RELAX, GIRL! He is just the medicine you need.

As much as we want to be 100 percent put-together and with the guy who sits perfectly and looks pretty, nothing is more uplifting than a little bit of humor (mixed with unpredictability).

This guy is the one who reminds you that marrying the lawyer who worries about bills or a perfect life isn't the one for you. It's so much easier being with a guy who makes you laugh than one who makes you cry.

Single college girls: You need these guys in your life and you only have four years to find them. Or, maybe you already have them?