5 Comfortable Shoes Your Feet Want You To Buy This Wedding Season

The birds are chirping; the sun is shining, and [cue "Jaws" theme song] wedding bells are ringing.

That’s right, those engagements you cringed over on Facebook are finally culminating, and you’ve received five glittery invitations that span May, June and July to bear witness and celebrate.

While this time of year can be a bit dismal for some, others know how to play up its positive points.

You get to see friends, family, or friends and family seal the deal. Love is in the air to the highest degree, and it gives you a shred of hope for the world.

Open bars and good company, strangers to mingle with, beautifully-decorated venues to feast your eyes upon and finally, the pièce de résistance: an opportunity to look hot as hell.

Weddings, especially in the warmer months of the year, give women an excuse to go shopping and wear something more formal and flattering than usual.

We scour Nordstrom and Bloomingdales on a mission, and we don’t stop until we nail it.

The dress? That’s easy: something breathable in a color that accentuates our spray tans. (Okay, I’m speaking for myself here, but you get it.) But, the shoes? That’s the b*tch. Finding shoes equally as sexy as they are danceable is a serious task.

You want something that pops — like a classic, pointed-toe pump in a fun color or a trendy platform — but it must be comfortable. Here are five pairs of heels you can dance all night in:

Chunky Heels

Grey suede platform heels, $83, River Island.

Chunky heels are a must right now. Find an affordable option you won't mind stomping around in. Even if it's higher than 2 inches, a thick heel will still let you ride high as you get low.

A chunky heel will carry you through the entire wedding season, 'til death do you part.

Wedge World

Lucky "Roselyn" leather sandal, $88.95, Nordstrom.

Wedges are a go-to for many for warm-weather events, as their comfort is unmatched in the heel world.

They support your full foot, rather than leave your arch in the air, like other styles. Break it down without fear of breaking an ankle in a fun, textured number.

The Easy Rider: Low Heels

Kate Spade 'Sage' silver heel, $298, Kate Spade.

Who said you needed a lift to the party? You can expect an easy night in a mere 3-inch heel.

While everyone else will regret having to sit one out (on account of sore feet), you can own the dance floor and comfortably mark your territory in a low heel.

Pump It Up

Stiletto heel T-strap pump, $37,

The pointed-toe pump will never lose its appeal. It is classic and feminine, and it makes legs look miles long.

These shoes also transition well to the office, so have no fear about not getting enough wear out of them.

Sound Sandals

For a splurge: 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Martini' striped heel, $475, Neiman Marcus.

A reasonable sandal will make it a breeze to hit the "Electric Slide" after your fourth Long Island. Consider anything that has a low heel, a stacked heel or a low wedge.

It's a combination of all the elements that make a perfect marriage (between you and shoe).

So, there you have it: five examples of comfortable heels that will ensure you leave this wedding season with more memories than trips to the emergency room.

But, then again, if the prospects don’t pan out at the wedding, it can’t hurt to check out a podiatrist orthopedics.