4 Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry As We Know It

by Anton Benbalit

People have been interested in fashion for as long as society has been wearing clothing.

Everyone from Cleopatra, who was known to wear a traditional Egyptian headdress and flashy necklace, to Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany's” have been influencing what people wear and how they look for centuries.

Although fashion has always been a key component of how society looks and feels, the way we shop has, for the most part, remained the same.

Television broadened our horizons to be able to see how stars dress; the Internet allowed us to shop online, and now, with the evolution of technology, we are able to dress like the designers or celebrities we admire and aspire to look like.

Here are four ways modern technology is revolutionizing the fashion industry and the way we shop for our look:


Fashion is everywhere nowadays. Although almost everyone can shop for clothing from any given smart device, only 10 percent of people end up buying their clothing online.

Oddly enough, 75 percent of consumers look at whatever it is they're buying through web catalogues before purchasing it in the store.

Now, thanks to companies like D'Marie Group based out of New York, consumers are allowed to access a database where they can see, shop and share images of films, TV shows, fashion shows, magazines, editorials, advertisements, music videos, online publications, etc.

This means the everyday shopper now has access to clothing that he or she might have only been able to see in a movie, prior to the expansion of technology in today's fashion market.


Through the expansion of technology in the everyday work and play environment, companies are becoming more and more capable of reaching a wider audience with their products.

Since companies are able to market through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, they are now able to get products out to a much wider variety of people.

There is now something called drop shipping, where the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but rather, transfers the order to either a wholesaler or manufacturer who then ships the product to the buyer.

Methods like this are revolutionizing the fashion industry because of the way they are saving money for clothing companies.

Designers don't have to make clothes that aren't going to be bought, and stores don't have to waste space holding them.


Thanks to the revolution of the way we shop, consumers are now able to pick and choose from a much larger variety of options.

Through new technology, companies are able to redirect users to over 10,000 retailers and over 200,000 different brands, and that's just through their own sites.

Bloggers, fashion editors, everyday people and even celebrities are now able to share clothing and accessories that they saw, want or own, with one another through the Internet.


Everyone from kids to adults to the elderly have wanted to look and dress like his or her favorite movie star at some point. Now that we have more of a variety of clothing to choose from, some of us are actually able to do that.

On a site like D'Marie Group, you can reserve something you saw on a runway model seven months before it is actually available in any store.

Due to the expansion of the fashion market into everyday life and the growth of how we use technology, we as a society are now more influenced to wear something we saw on a star or someone we admire.

Whether you want to dress like your favorite Hollywood star or just want to add some variety to your wardrobe, technology, on some level, is changing the way you shop and ultimately the way you look.

Photo credit: Getty Images