26 Reasons Why Men Are Exactly Like Drugs


“Men are like drugs. They make you high, they bring you down and you never quite understand what made you want to try it in the first place.”

I’m not ashamed to admit that this analogy is one from the esteemed Carrie Bradshaw. In a curious perversion to now reject anything mainstream or anything with Sarah Jessica Parker in a tutu, I will apprehensively admit that I think ”Sex and the City” is one of the most insightful and well-written shows in the history of television.

It led the way for sitcoms with women at the forefront and empowered the female to talk about sex and love openly -- not to mention it had some great f*cking dialogue.

Just because SJP's words resonate through the channels of Lifetime and the WB doesn’t mean they don’t carry weight and truth to them because, ladies, I think we can all agree that men are exactly like drugs.

Any of you who’ve been fortunate or unfortunate enough to take a trip on the wild side and indulge in some illicit behavior know that with drugs comes pain, elation, clarity and illusion all in one sitting. It’s a whirlwind of emotion as you’re dragged through the worst parts of your life and also experiencing the best.

Anyone who has been with a man knows the similar effects. Entering into a relationship, or even just letting a man into your life is as dangerous as shooting up.

You’re willingly entering into an altered state of reality in which the end result will most likely leave you strung out and wanting more.

It’s an addiction. You become addicted to him, wanting more with every visit, every hookup. You want to wake up with him, go to bed with him and you could spend days, weeks even, in bed without once drawing the shades. He makes you high as a kite then sends you crashing back down to earth, bruised and disoriented.

Some women succumb to the drug. They lose their friends, their family, their sanity. They become addicted to the high, the love, the warmth.

They think that the high will last long past the days of night sweats and panic attacks. They get higher and higher until they can no longer live without it, never realizing it's something they can give up anytime, even if the comedown might kill them.

If you still feel the pain of your last relationship, look at it as your withdrawal, the comedown from that drug you became addicted to for weeks, months or years. If it makes you feel any better, these are the 26 reasons that men are exactly like drugs:

They keep you wanting more, even when you know you shouldn’t.

They keep you up way too late and make you late for work.

They make you think deeply about things.

They're great when it's good and horrible when it's bad.

They put you through ups and downs and string you out.

They leave scars all over you.

They impair your judgment and your clarity.

They deceive you into thinking things are great.

They have horrible comedowns that can't be assuaged by water.

They are easy to overdose on.

They become more addictive the more you use them.

They ruin your other relationships.

They make you jealous and paranoid.

They leave you wanting to spend entire days in your room.

They make movies better, even though you’re not really watching them.

They keep you from eating and sleeping right.

They make you question your sanity.

They give you the best days of your life.

They leave you on the floor crying and writhing in pain.

They turn you on to the idea of other drugs.

They make you question life and death.

They make sure your withdrawal is as painful as possible.

They tell you it’s all your fault.

They lead you into dark alleyways.

They make you feel like there’s nothing else in the world that matters.

They leave you for another with a better price.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It