The 25 Ways You Know You're A Gen-Y Girl

Us girls of Generation-Y are a breed of our own. As “different” as you may think you are, there are certain rituals that are consistent among every other female in our generation.

These characteristics create a bond between the women of our generation.

For example, you’re probably either currently making plans with your besties for happy hour tonight, or an exercise class that involves some estranged version of yoga for this afternoon.

Casually sip on your latte and pretend to work while you enjoy the list of 25 ways you know you’re a Gen-Y girl:

1. When you order a latte at Starbucks, you always get soy milk.

2. If you’re not in the mood for coffee, you get a passion fruit tea, unsweetened.

3. You’re familiar with acronyms including IDGAF,OMG, WTF, GTFO, NBD, HBD and TBH.

4. You pregame harder than you party.

5. You live for reruns of 'Friends.'

6. You can school anyone in Dance Dance Revolution.

7. You still wear hoop earrings.

8. When you say Molly, you’re not talking about a person.

9. You’re either a SoulCycle addict, or have heard about it from all your friends.

10. You used to wear skirts with leggings.

11. You’ve had a full set of fake nails at least once in your life.

12. Converse have gone in and out of style twice in your lifetime.

13. You still wish you could’ve afforded a Kangol hat when they were in style.

14. You owned a Coach purse that was decked out in the signature C’s.

15. You wish butterfly clips were still in style.

16. You know all of the lyrics to ‘Niggas in Paris.'

17. You only eat yogurt that’s Greek, preferably Chobani.

18. It doesn’t feel right if you don’t Instagram at least once a day.

19. It feels like yesterday when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake broke up.

20. You look forward to Sundays because of brunch.

21. You use Emojis to express yourself.

22. You can’t travel anywhere without your iPhone because it’s ‘dangerous.'

23. You’re addicted to one or all of the following: Girls, Homeland, Bachelor/Bachelorette and Housewives of NJ.

24. When someone tells you they like your outfit, you say, “Thanks, Urban!”

25. You have a 90’s throwback playlist on your iTunes that you listen to regularly.

Bonus: You’re like, “Shit, that was on point.”