The 20 Fights Every Girl Has With Her Besties

by Elite Daily Staff

Being best pals isn't all friendship bracelets and rainbows. You love each other like sisters…which means you also fight like siblings, too.

When the rules of Girl Code are broken, there's bound to be some drama. Here are the twenty most common fights that absolutely every girl has had with her friends (but it like, totally made you guys stronger, right?).

1. The “I Feel Left Out” Fight

You feel so lame for having this argument because you haven’t felt this way since high school and the clique went on a trip to the mall without you. Nonetheless, you can’t hold back how upset you were about being the last to know everything. Read: you’re feeling insecure and want to make sure your friends didn’t revoke your standing invitation to brunch.

2. The “I Caught You Sh*t-Talking” Fight

You were talking smack about your friend via text and accidentally sent it to her. Well, this certainly did not go as planned. Better throw in the towel early on, it looks like you have an evening of groveling to do.

3. The “You’ve Been Drinking Too Much” Friend-tervention Fight

This is everyone’s least favorite fight – no friends want to tell their pal that she needs to slow down and no one wants to hear that she's got a drinking problem. Do yourself a solid and make sure everyone in attendance is sober, then when it’s all over, pop a bottle of wine!

4. The “You Ruined My New Shirt” Fight

It’s pretty much a Rule of the Universe that on the nights when you need to be most careful, you will inevitably spill cranberry vodka on your shirt. Offer to pay for the dry cleaning and hope to G-d that your trusty laundromat can remove the glaring stain.

5. The “You Hooked Up With My Crush” Fight

Hoes over bros is temporarily suspended, everyone takes sides, and all girl code goes out the window. B*tches be playin’ real dirty.

6. The “I Saw That Dress First” While Shopping Fight

Your animal instincts really come out when fashion is involved. It doesn’t matter if she’s your friend, you will fight harder for this garment than a Midwestern soccer mom does over tupperware at Walmart on Black Friday.

7. The “You’re Spending Too Much Time With Your Boyfriend” Fight

Also known as, “Don’t ever miss another girls' night again” fight.

8. The “Passive Aggressive” Fight

This is the fight in which the other person doesn’t actually know that you are mad at her. You just are running around fuming like an aggressive idiot while the other girl is blissfully unaware of your anger. Guess who loses?

9. The Awkward Money Fight That Never Goes On Record

You owe her for the sushi. She owes you for the cab. Deduct that from the original bill and add in a few dollars for the bar tab and now no one is really sure who pays whom and how much…Except you know she still needs to pay you for the cab. Do you ask for the money? Figure she’ll get the next one? No, you swallow the 10 bucks and next time casually “forget” to pick up that diet coke she wanted.

10. The “I Introduced You To My Friend And Now You Two Are Better Friends” Fight

When I said that you two should be best friends, I wasn’t actually serious. Don’t forget your roots!

11. The “I Had A Bad Day And Now I’m Taking It Out On You” Fight

If you don’t like the people in your office then just yell at them, not us please! Or pretend like you’re five and go to your room.

12. The “You Ditched Me At The Bar” Fight

“I told you I needed a wingman and you totally left without telling me,” said the stranded friend. “I know I’m supposed to feel bad because technically you aren’t supposed to leave a girl alone, but I don’t actually feel bad because technically you made it home just fine,” said the other.

13. The “You’ve Been Really Selfish Lately” Fight

Is it selfish for me to want you to stop being so selfish and pay attention to me!?

14. The “I’m Telling You A Harsh Truth” Fight

You know the moment you share this tough love with your friend that she’s going to take the defense, but sometimes being a good friend means having to say what she doesn’t want to hear. Stand your ground and remember that she’ll be thanking you later.

15. The “I’m Calling You Out For Being A Flake” Fight

Has it occurred to you that maybe the reason she keeps flaking is that she doesn’t want to hang out with you? See number 14 above.

16. The “Compliment” Fight

“You look amazing.” “No, you look amazing.” “I wish I had your legs.” “I wish I had your teeth.” No one ever wins the compliment fight – it’s just a series of affirmations that the other person looks better in her skinny jeans than you do.

17. The “You Were Blackout And Said Something Messed Up” Fight

There’s no way she’s going to let this one slide. The truth always comes out when your inhibitions are lowered and you’re spewing blackout hate. Congratulations! You’ve just reached a new low!

18. The “I’m PMS-ing” Fight

Wait, what are we even fighting about? I just got so heated back there for no reason. Sorry for putting you through the ringer and biting your head off. Now I feel like the jolliest person on the planet. YAY Hormones!

19. The “You’ve Been Sucking Lately” Fight

You can’t put your finger on it, but your friend has been depressed and sucky and you’re sick of her being in a funk. You know what won’t motivate her to come out with you? Yelling at her for sucking.

20. The “We’re Getting Sick Of Each Other” Fight

Because you two spend so much time together (duh, you’re best friends!), you’re bound to grow tired of each other eventually and you need some space. So you venture on without her and what do you realize? Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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