19 Times You're A B*tch To You BFF But Completely Out Of Love

I’ll be the first to admit I can be a bitch, and my friends will be the first to back it up. This, however, does not make me a bad friend -- it makes me a real one.

Because when it comes to real relationships (and not the bullsh*t you’ve picked up from “Barney” and Shel Silverstein books), if you can’t be a bitch to your friends, you’re not really friends.

Love comes in many forms, and tough love is one of the highest ones. It’s the kind of love that’s hard to give and harder to receive, but always worth it in the end.

It’s the kind of love that comes when the relationship is strong enough to handle it and important enough to need it.

There’s a difference between being a bitch and being a friendly bitch. A bitch hurts you just because; a friendly bitch is a friend who's showing you some tough love.

Like when you shouldn’t text that guy who broke your heart or when you really need to throw away those jeans with the period stain on it (you can most definitely see it).

Being best friends means caring enough to be honest and, sometimes, honesty hurts. It takes a strong bond to realize your friend isn't a bitch because she wants to see you cry; she's a bitch because she wants to keep you from crying.

Anyone who has a best friend knows there’s a time and place to let your bitch flag fly -- and it's usually when she's about to fly off the handle.

When she won't shut up about a guy who's wrong for her.

She'll listen to you whine and moan for so long until it's time for some tough love. Either get over him or get over the conversation. She'll make you pick one.

When she keeps making the same mistake over and over again.

We no longer have our parents around, so it’s our best friend’s job to keep us in check. If that means getting strict and reminding her of her mistakes, so be it.

When she keeps complaining about how fat she's getting, but won't do anything about it.

A good friend is always by your side, but a best friend will refuse to be there when you’re about to hit up McDonald's for the third time this week.

When she complains about how much she hates her job, but she won't quit it.

She’s down to commiserate with you, but a best friend knows you'll only be happy when a change is made. If it means being a bitch until it happens, she's down.

When she's not happy in her relationship, but too scared to leave it.

It’s better for you to be a bitch than for him to keep being a dick.

When she stares at her phone for hours, but refuses to text him first.

Either text him or get over it. A good friend will be a bitch if it means you'll put your phone down or put him out of your mind.

When she's complaining about first-world problems.

It's better our best friend tell us when we're being a spoiled brat to our face than our coworkers behind our back.

When she didn't take your advice.

“I told you so” may seem bitchy, but when a bitch is right, a bitch is right.

When you're hungry.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what you’re doing, when you’re hungry sometimes you can’t help but bitch at the only person around… and that’s usually your BFF.

When she's complaining about being hungover, but she did it to herself.

Once you've stopped throwing up, she'll start throwing down the truth. Because last night was fun, the night before was good, but the last week of partying was excessive.

When she's pissed off, but passive aggressive about it.

Being a bitch means being honest and confronting the situation head on -- not with eye rolls and side comments.

When she needs to hear the truth.

Your best friend is the only one who's going to give it to you straight -- even if it feels like it's going straight through your heart.

When you see her real motives.

The one person you can't pull a fast one over is your best friend -- and she'll not only make sure you know you aren't getting anything by her, but you better not try that again.

When she's drunk and being ridiculous.

Just because you're acting like a 4-year-old doesn't mean she's going to treat you like one.

When she repeated herself 400 times and you just can't be nice anymore.

I love you, but I hate this f*cking story.

When she's insecure and she looks beautiful.

Your best friend is not going to indulge in your delusions because then there are two crazy women.

When she's smoking those cigarettes she wanted to quit.

She may hate you for taking away her pack, but she'll owe you one when she's not crying over an empty one.

When she's on her phone when you're supposed to be having a date.

You deserve as much attention as the douchebag she wishes she was on a real date with.

When she's complaining her feet hurt after you told her not to wear those shoes.

Not only is she hurting herself, but the slow pace and constant stopping is killing you.

When she's overanalyzing something.

You telling her to stop and calling her crazy is just to make her feel better -- not worse.

When she's being dramatic and talking about moving to the other side of the world.

Unless she's including you, it's an affront to everything you have together.