19 Things Every Girl Finds Joy In Sharing With Her Best Friend

by Elite Daily Staff

As Karen Smith would explain from "Mean Girls," “You have your friends and then you have your best friends.” And for once, she would actually be right.

As trite as it sounds, you wouldn’t share just any old top with your best friends -- you’d lend her the one with lace trimming and blouson sleeves that you know already looks great on you but would look even better on her.

What are best friends for?

You and she are like sisters -- when it comes to belongings, what is hers is also yours. But, like true siblings, not all bartering is equal in the land of besties. Here are the best things to share with your bestie:

1. Information about guys

Before you’re about to make out with that dude all over the bar, it’s your bestie who pulls you aside and warns you that he has a reputation for being sleazy -- and not in a Matthew McConaughey way. From dick size to dance moves, no category is spared when it comes to spilling details about another guy. We do the full background check for our friends.

2. Ponytail elastics

These are the better version of friendship bracelets and last way longer. Giving up a ponytail elastic is like saying goodbye to a one-night stand: You know you shouldn’t feel bad about parting with it, but you’ll also never see it again.

3. Gossip

Sharing really juicy, killer gossip with your best friend is equivalent to throwing her a surprise party. It’s unexpected, she’s super into it and you feel rewarded in the end, too. Ten points for Gryffindor!

4. Bathing suit tops

It’s literally like shopping off the rack. Every girl has that one friend who she can text before the pool party: “Hey, can you bring an extra swimsuit top?” She’s your boobie soul sister.

5. Advice

From the best cold remedies (during winter time you guys pass around vitamin C and Sudafed like it’s chewing gum) to how to appropriately respond to a guy, there’s nothing you don’t ask for your best friend’s opinion on. The Beatles got it right when they sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

6. Marijuana

...And when they followed up with, “I get high with a little help from my friends.”

7. Pitchers of sangria

...Or bottles of wine, or handles of vodka or, um, all three. Whatever level of alcoholism you and your bestie deem appropriate (it fluctuates somewhere between "Real Housewives" and Lindsay Lohan status), there’s nothing like splitting a pitcher of booze and drowning in laughter together.

8. Screenshots

And then inevitably you accidentally share it with the person you screenshotted…

The two of you take turns reading aloud your day’s worth of absurd text messages, exchanging one crazy conversation for the next. The only thing more entertaining: recapping it all with each other.

9. Bathrooms

When two girls go into the bathroom together, you might as well piss your pants because you know it’s going to be a while. We like to make ourselves at home. Before any pants are unbuttoned, there’s the requisite discussion about putting down toilet paper and holding each other’s bags.

And of course, there are all the items shared in the stall, like lip gloss, gum and tampons. Which brings me to…

10. Lip gloss

My obsession with lip products is no secret. The only thing I enjoy more than applying lip balm absentmindedly in front of the television is sharing the softness with the one I love: my bestie (Lol, you thought I was going to say boyfriend, right? You’ve come to the wrong place).

11. The cold, hard truth

You’re there to slap each other back into reality when you need a big dose of it. Are you peeved because she finished your precious bag of Sour Patch Watermelon? (Ahem, still not over it…) She’s there to let you know you’re being ridiculous.

...Except you’re really not. Sour Patch Watermelons are not to be messed with -- I gotchu, girl.

12. Umbrellas

Chivalry is not dead. This is especially important on blowout days.

13. Secrets

You aren’t real best friends unless you trust the other person with one of your deepest secrets. Honoring the code of sisterhood is what it’s all about.

14. Netflix account

How else are you going to marathon-watch your trashy television and "John Tucker Must Die" together? Waiting for her to catch up to you in “Breaking Bad” is more torturous than waiting for your boyfriend to propose.

15. Guac and hummus

No hangout is complete without some sort of healthy-ish chip dip. See #7 for correct pairing.

16. Throwbacks

"Remembering when" is up there on your list of favorite activities, along with "talking about how awesome we are" and sing-alongs. For example, "Remember when we were freshman and you made out with that random older dude one night… and he ended up being our Graduate Student Instructor?" Psh, how could I forget? Classic.

17. Waxers, doctors, hairdressers

Your gynecologist might as well just come to the next girls’ night since she knows you all so well. You could ask her all the birth control questions (that you and your bestie have blindly debated) without having to shell out a hundred dollars for it, so that’s a plus.

18. Condoms

Nothing says “you’re my only best friend” like ensuring it stays that way.

19. Grooming products

Top shelf items include: razors, deodorants and straightening irons. No shame when it comes to discreetly using one or all of the above when you’re hairy and sweating at the party. The best thing about your bestie? She’s been there and totally gets it.

Photo credit: Brandy Melville