19 Qualities That Set Your Best Friend Apart From Everyone Else In Your Life

by Martinique Jobin

You realize today is National Best Friend(s) Day, and it hits you: We are celebrating this weird phenomenon of picking a human and thinking,

"I like you, but not in a romantic way. I like you in a way where I still can't live without you. Friends?"

Friends are great, but best friends are even greater.

When I was young, I only had one because that was the rule, right? I still do, but I have also gathered a few more along this road called "life."

It's probably because as we get older, we change and go through different experiences that can only be felt on a deeper level through connection with others.

I love my best friends and couldn't imagine my life without them. Here's why:

1. A friend will tell you you're looking like Beyoncé. A best friend will tell you when you're looking more like Amanda Bynes and should maybe reconsider that outfit.

2. A friend will tell you your new boyfriend is okay. A best friend will tell you your new boyfriend is complete sh*t and you can do better, all while putting up with him.

3. A friend will ask you to go out to the club. A best friend will ask you to order a pizza for a family of four and binge watch Netflix on a Friday night.

4. A friend will laugh at your jokes. A best friend will complement your jokes with reciprocated witty banter and make you both wonder why you don't have a reality show yet.

5. A friend is temporary. A best friend is forever, especially since she already knows too much.

6. A friend will give a guy an evil stare down to have him move away from you. A best friend will pretend to be your lesbian lover at the club so the guy can really take a hint.

7. A friend will choose who, where and when to be seen with you. A best friend realizes you're as weird as people get and still takes you out in public.

8. A friend will buy you food. A best friend will eat your food and say it's for your own good.

9. A friend will ask why you are crying. A best friend is ready to plot revenge on whoever caused your tears.

10. A friend feels like a friend. A best friend feels like a sister.

11. A friend will make you feel single. A best friend will make you feel like you found your non-romantic soulmate.

12. A friend is someone you wait to wake up. A best friend is being awoken by you with either a pillow to the face or by rolling on top of her.

13. A friend will get offended when you make fun of her. A best friend will make an even greater insult about you.

14. A friend is someone you can be mad at for awhile. A best friend is someone you can only be mad at for a few hours because something has happened and you need to let her know.

15. A friend needs to spell it out. A best friend can tell you with just a look.

16. A friend finishes your sentences. A best friend will say what you are thinking before you or at the same time.

17. A friend knows all your best stories. A best friend is part of those stories.

18. A friend would ask your crush if he or she is into you. A best friend would push you in front of your crush as she shouts, "Get some!" and runs away.

19. A friend stabs you in the back. A best friend stabs you in the front.

All in all, life is just better, more exciting and feels more complete with a best friend. Thank you for always being there!