17 Reasons Every Single Girl Hates Valentine's Day

by Ashley Fern

You may think that only single people detest Valentine's Day, but the truth is, it can fill every person with anxiety. It can be seen as one overpriced cliché that holds an immense amount of pressure on couples everywhere. What gift do I get my boyfriend? What if he doesn't like it? What if I don't like what he got me? OMG, what if he didn't get me anything? And so on and so forth... The emotions single people feel about this dreaded day are quite apparent, as best friends gather to engage in their own festivities, as not to feel left out and alone.

They prepare with chocolate, endless bottles of wine and, of course, rom-coms. Maybe they'll just head to a local bar to completely drink their woes away.

What are some of the reasons single women hate V-Day? Well, here you go...

1. It reminds us that we are alone

Just in case we weren't already aware of our single status, there's a national holiday to rub it in our faces.

2. There's PDA everywhere

All right, we get it. You have found the most amazing person and can't help but to shower this person with affection all damn day long. Good for you. Seriously, good for you, but for the sake of the rest of us, please just get a room.

3. You can't get a reservation anywhere decent

All the good restaurants are full at the exact time slot you want to eat dinner. What's even worse is that if you can get a reservation, the place will be filled with couples.

4. You resent all of your taken friends

Good for you, you get to enjoy a five-star meal tonight after getting showered with elaborate gifts!

5. You end up eating your own feelings

If you choose to stay in, chances are you will be using the night as an excuse to eat whatever it is that you want, and honestly, why shouldn't you?

6. Every time you enter a store, you are assaulted with Valentine's Day-themed items

I'm just trying to buy some toothpaste and face wash! Get all this sh*t out of my face!

7. Every commercial on TV is catered to the holiday

SHUT THE F*CK UP, KAY JEWELERS AND JARED! If my boyfriend ever gave me a gift from either of these stores, I'd leave his ass. Keep your heart-shaped, pulsating "diamond" necklace away from me and off my damn television.

8. It's on a Friday this year

Awesome! Valentine's Day celebrations will probably now occur over the course of the entire weekend! Boo-freaking-hoo. Just ruin the entire weekend why don't you!

9. If you go out, people think you're easy

The only people bar-hopping on this night are singles, and unfortunately, this gives others the impression that you're looking to get it in with anyone who's equally as single.

10. Single = gift-less

If you're single, the only gifts you'll be getting are from your parents who feel sorry for you. Whatever, I'll gladly take this new pair of Nikes! Thanks, Grandma.

11. Girls nights are almost as depressing as being alone

This is another great opportunity to realize you have nothing better to do on this couple's night out than spend it with your girls.

12. The faces our non-single friends give us when they hear we don't have plans

"Oh, right. You're single… I'll see you next weekend."

13. Red and pink doesn't look good on anybody

Maybe red on its own looks hot, but definitely not when it's mixed with pink. I wish there were a holiday where wearing all black was the theme… Oh wait, that sounds like a funeral. My bad.

14. You have to listen to your other single friends complain incessantly

Even if you're perfectly comfortable with your single status, there's always that Debbie-downer in the group who bitches and complains at any opportunity she gets.

15. Almost every program on TV is a Valentine's Day episode

I just want to watch marathons of "Law & Order"! Please make the lovey-dovey sh*t stop!

16. If you're currently hooking up with someone, it's a really awkward time to DTR

Say you are in a casual relationship for less than three months. Are you expected to determine the relationship (DTR) just because it's Valentine's Day? That doesn't even make sense, but for some reason, it's an issue people are facing.

17. Just because it's a holiday, you have to get flowers

Doesn't it say more when you buy someone flowers on a day that isn't Valentine's Day? Shouldn't you be getting your significant other flowers because you love and care about her?