15-Year-Old Girl Reveals The Horrific Rite Of Passage For Young Girls Forced To Have Sex In Malawi


Your scarring sex ed experience can't even to compare to this "initiation camp" in Malawi, Africa, where girls as young as 6 years old are being taught how to have sex.

CNN reports that various communities in Malawi are pressuring young females to attend these "rite of passage" initiations, where they're taught a number of straight-up sex lies, including that they need to have intercourse to rid their bodies of "child dust" and prevent disease (which is sadly ironic because nothing in teaching women to have unprotected sex with older and more experienced males prevents any real sexually transmitted disease).

And in an even more grotesque move, apparently some men (known as "hyenas," likely for their predatory predilections) have sex with the young girls during the camp as part of the initiation process.

All this contributes to pretty horrific conditions for these girls. In a country that's ranked 10th for highest child marriage rate in the world and has 10 percent of its population aged 15 to 49 infected with HIV, it's almost shocking to hear that some women and girls are actually standing up against the societal pressures that encourage sexual activity at a young age.

But 15-year-old Grace, who attended an "initiation camp" but ultimately decided to speak out against what occurred there, has resisted the peer pressure and spoke with CNN in an effort to teach other girls about the dangers of unprotected sex.

Grace said she continues to attend the initiation camps, but with a different motive in mind — to alert the others that it's OK to say "no," and if they don't, to know the real risks that accompany unprotected sex.

via CNN