I Need A Change: 16 Honest Reasons Girls Decide To Color Their Hair

by Ashley Fern

You may think that we women only dye our hair for one reason -- because we want to -- but after consulting with a few female friends, I can safely say that is not the only reason.

As with most things in life, we experience ADD with our appearance; this is the most drastic, yet semi-permanent way to change ourselves.

Our hairdressers, like our waxers, become close confidants, as they really do see us at our most vulnerable of moments. They understand our pain, anxiety and frustrations.

So what are the reasons behind our ever-fluctuating hair colors? Well...

1. When we just need a change

It's not easy to change your job or the city you live in, but it is easy to change your hair color.

All you need to do is make a quick phone call and show up to your appointment. You better know what you have in mind though or you risk leaving in tears... or maybe that's just me.

2. When we break up with our boyfriends

You need to break free from the person you used to be, so why not make another dramatic change -- one for all of the world to see?

3. When our boyfriends break up with us

Doing something dramatic to your hair is a lot healthier and more beneficial than doing something, well, dramatic to yourself.

4. When we just can't look at ourselves in the mirror

We are bored, we are tired and we don't know what to do... Oh wait! Yes, we do. We need a new hair color!

5. When you low-key had a patch of grey hair you've been dying since the 5th grade

So your parents never wanted to tell you that it's in your genetics to sprout grey hairs from time to time, but then your best friend called it out in front of the entire class, so you had no choice but to embrace it.

You're currently in your mid-20s and are still successfully convincing your parents to fund your hair bill.

6. When ombre was the trend

Did anyone realize that this fantastic-looking style actually was damaging the sh*t out of her hair? Regardless of any warnings received, females flocked to the salon to dye their precious locks.

7. When the seasons change

If you aren't changing your hair color with the seasons, then I really don't know what your plan of highlight attack really is. Darker in the fall, lighter in the spring — it's as simple as that.

8. When your favorite celebrity dyes her hair

Where else are you going to receive better hair-spiration than on the red carpet? Celebrities can either deter you or inspire you, which is why they are great role models... in this aspect.

9. When you want to be taken more seriously

You can't be rocking a purple 'do in corporate America, and you most certainly cannot have an unintentional ombre during a job interview — you know when you get so broke you can't afford to touch up your highlights so they just "naturally" grow out.

10. When you were convinced blondes have more fun

Your best friend is a blonde and her ultimate goal in life is bringing you over to the brighter side.

There is a solid chance that at least once in your life you will take a walk on the wild side, but only momentarily or maybe... forever.

11. Because your parents told you not to

It doesn't matter how old you are, it's always a little bit of fun going against what your parents said.

12. You're never really satisfied

This is precisely when your ADD comes in. You may be happy with your hair color one week, but that isn't to say you won't want a change come next week.

13. Sometimes it's fun to be someone else

The quickest and easiest way to change yourself up is probably by your hair.

14. To prevent the grey hairs that are surely from your work environment

If you never actually see the grey hairs, then they aren't really there... right? Right?! Right.

15. Because not everyone's carpets match the drapes

You know what I'm saying?