16 Ways You Know You're High Maintenance (And Are Completely Okay With It)

by Charlotte Phillips

High maintenance girls often get a bad rep as being bitchy, spoiled and rude. And sometimes, that’s true.

When your high-maintenance tendencies impact other people, like keeping them waiting while you get ready, it’s gone too far. You should stop.

But everyone’s different, and some girls care more about the finer things in life than others.

In fact, some men love high maintenance girls. (Riiiiight?)

So long as you’re charming, you can be as high maintenance as you like, while not being universally hated.

Here’s how you know you are absolutely, 100 percent high maintenance.

1. You're always in heels.

Heels so high, in fact, that you're incapable of walking two blocks. The more shoes with red soles you own, the better.

Cabs and Uber have become your best friends. Running for the bus isn’t an option, but that’s fine because, obviously, you'd never take the bus.

2. You have a permanent manicure.

This renders your hands basically useless for mundane tasks and menial labor.

It falls to your boyfriend, cleaner or roommate to do the washing up because you just got a fresh coat of Ballet Slippers applied today and no one’s messing with that.

3. You always demand that car doors be held open for you

In fact, sometimes you're vaguely concerned you may forget how to open them yourself, it’s been so long. But, that’s what drivers are for. Plus, you tip like a boss and every cab driver loves you.

4. Likewise, actual doors.

There was that one time you stood stupidly for seven minutes outside a walkup building, because you couldn't quite believe there was no doorman.

Luckily, you look great while doing nothing, and people are happy to hold your doors, purses and whatever else you desire.

5. You struggle with financial independence.

You appreciate good food and fine wine, but when you appreciate these on a nightly basis, paying becomes a problem. Happily, you always look good and provide vibrant conversation.

You are the proof that high maintenance does not mean dumb. There is no shortage of suitors.

6. You can be a little needy...

But that's because you really, really love your friends and get stressed when you don't hear from them. Yes, you may rely on your friends to come up with the activities.

And, yes, you appreciate a speedy reply to your texts. But, you extend the same courtesy.

7. You are slow to forgive.

You value the people in your life and make time for them. If someone doesn't do the same for you, you have been known to overreact.

If your friend is at a family funeral, you're more than understanding. At all other times, you're taking no prisoners. This applies for both the men and women in your life.

8. You have hair extensions.

Including brows and lashes, obviously. In a combination of attempting to be down with the people and truly caring about your hairdresser's boyfriend's mother, you are on first-name terms with everyone in the salon.

All the better to get an emergency appointment when an eyelash is slightly out of place.

9. You have a teeny dog.

...Whom you love more than life itself. You veer toward the Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier/any handbag dog variety, and treat her like a princess. No tap for this bitch, the dog drinks the same water as you -- Fiji, room temperature.

10. You are completely OCD when it comes to cleanliness.

You get out of bed to move a candle an inch to the right, and you see invisible specks of dirt everywhere. You have left birthday parties where the bathroom didn't meet your exacting standards of hygiene.

11. You enjoy attention.

Walking into a room and not seeing heads turn isn't something you have ever experienced or think you'd particularly enjoy.

12. You refuse to use the word "subway."

Meaning the sandwich place or the mode of transport? It doesn't matter. You've never seen the inside of either, and you're fairly confident you're not missing out.

13. You have been called "self-important."

But you prefer to think of yourself as secure and confident. You know what you do and don't bring to the table, and fully embrace who you are.

It just so happens that you are hotter, smarter and a more interesting person than many girls you know. And aren't afraid to vocalize this.

14. You notice accessories.

You notice when your boyfriend gets a new watch and when your mom gets a new purse. Your friends love to shop with you -- you're nothing if not discerning.

15. You love all products, primping and grooming.

Your bathroom looks like the inside of a Clarins store, the girls at the Bobbi Brown counter have met three members of your immediate family and you may as well buy stock in Kerastase.

Yes, you love to shop and yes, you have expensive taste. But you're crazy generous and your friends love to get ready at your house.

16. You don't understand the word "no."

This applies to literally everything... be it getting a restaurant reservation, asking to leave work early or asking your parents for an expensive birthday present.

In your world, "no" is what people say before they eventually say "yes."

Photo Courtesy: Fanpop