13 Superstitions Every Girl Believes Even Though They're Ridiculous

Every girl has her thing. Maybe it's black cats, maybe it's ladders, maybe it's avoiding the crack; we all have some kind of crazy superstition that stays with us.

This is why being a girl is so fun, and yet at times scary, because we are able to convince ourselves of anything. We will believe in the most ridiculous things, just to make some sense of an even more ridiculous world.

Like Journey says, "Don't stop believin'." Here are the 13 girl superstitions that we just love to tell ourselves.

1. Shaving

"If I don't shave, then I will get laid. If I do shave, then I won't get laid."

Ah, the classic to shave or not to shave superstition that plagues every lazy girl in bed watching Bravo reruns at 8 pm on Friday.

Here's another way to look at this one: Would you not bring a condom out with you in hopes of getting it in? No, because then you would be unprepared for when the moment does happen.

Verdict: Shave your legs. If he's supposed to always be armed + ready, then so should you.

2. Lucky underwear

We all have that special pair that got us into a college or landed us a promotion or scored us the last pair of jeans at a Rag&Bone sample sale in our size.

As long as you don't believe that washing them will rub off any cosmic energy, we're good.

3. Horoscopes

"Mercury is in retrograde, so I'm trying not to confine myself to a situation that restrains my potential. I'm supposed to meet the man of my dreams later, let's go out."

Horoscopes are like free online therapists. They help us feel better about our lives and give us something to believe in when we need answers, even if they are wrong 92 percent of the time.

4. Wearing a bra to bed will make your boobs sag

This was definitely started by a man who wanted his wife to sleep naked more often. Bras are like our friends, ladies. They are there to push you up, not tear you down.

5. Beauty sleep

If you skip a night of washing your face before bed you will have the worst skin of your entire life. Just kidding.

Accidents and alcohol happen, and sometimes we forgo our routine until the next day. You will still wake up looking beautiful, we promise.

6. If you skip dinner, you'll wake up skinnier

...Or just really really hungry.

7. Chocolate on your period

Now here is one superstition we can get behind! Any excuse to eat chocolate we're down with. And considering we're already bloated and blech on our periods, what's another piece (or bar...)?

8. Birth control

The whole magic-pill thing feels like one big superstition.

9. A classy club means you won't get an STD

Where did we even hear this? In a Chris Brown lyric? That sounds trustworthy.

It doesn't matter how swanky the spot is or what the clientele looks like -- you need to stay safe, use your head and believe in what your gut tells you, not some superstition.

10. Beer before liquor, you've never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear

Guess what? Eventually all these things will catch up with you, regardless of order. Alcohol (of any kind) is like a sad puppy waiting for you at home -- it gets you every time.

11. 11:11 make a wish

"Please let that be my period. Please let that be my period."

12. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

This pretty much all went to sh*t after that terrible Kate Hudson/Ginnifer Goodwin movie.

Regardless, it's a very sweet superstition that is supposed to ensure a happy marriage. We're assuming this tradition originated after our parents' generation.

13. Blowing out birthday candles

We wished for a lifetime supply of Gucci handbags and a couture wardrobe and Chris Pratt to pick us out in a crowd and propose. This all has yet to happen.