12 Fights You Have With Your Mom That Make You Realize She's Your BFF

You love your mother unconditionally, which also means you fight with her on some conditions.

Significant others, cleaning up, growing up -- all these things make you two argue, but only because you both care about the other so much.

She might not understand, but she damn well tries. And, you might not fully appreciate her yet, but that doesn’t mean you love her any less. She’s your mother, after all, and that’s reason enough.

Here are the 12 fights you have with your mother that ultimately bring you two closer.

1. The “Call Me More Often” Fight

Mom doesn’t care if today was the exact same as yesterday; she still wants to tune in and get an update on your life like you’re the latest episode of “Girls.”

A text message that reads, “I love you,” will never be the same as verbally saying it. Just ask your cheating ex-boyfriend.

At the end of the day, Mom just wants it to be with you.

2. The “Help Me With This Piece of Technology” Fight

You: I can’t help you with social media, Mom. And I want you off it. Mom: Fine, but will you just show me how to “like” something on Instagram?

We hear you. Unfortunately, there’s still no cure.

Call it Bonding Time and that way, showing Mom new technology won’t feel like such a bother.

3. The “What Are You Wearing?” Fight

Of or relating to any of the following: "Put on a sweater/hat/scarf;" "you look like you forgot half of your clothes;" "you can’t fit in my shoes;" "you bought WHAT?!"

At least Mom honestly cares about how you look and will give a real opinion, which is what you seek. Mom always has your best (sartorial) interests; you know that skirt is too short.

4. The “You Drink Too Much” Fight

Why is it your Mom will always tell you she doesn’t like how much you’re drinking, but then gulp down a swimming-pool-sized glass of wine?

Cheers, Mom. You can get some sleep tonight; we don’t drink nearly as much as those tough kids on "20/20." No matter how not severe your drinking habits are, it’s nice to know Mom cares about your well-being.

5. The “I’m Moving To A New City” Fight

When you told Mom you were moving out of the house, she was already missing you.

Now, she looks forward to visiting you more than shopping trips to Costco. It makes you appreciate the times you share together, like chatting in-between classes or coming home for a weekend, that much more.

6. The “What Are You Doing With Your Life?” Fight

You: "Ergh, I fell asleep with my hand in tomato sauce again." Mom: "Ugh, what are you doing with your life?" You: "I ask myself that every day."

As someone who endured nine months of pregnancy, many hours of labor and countless years of leftover spider veins, Mom has a carnal instinct to care about your future.

7. The “Stop Using My Credit Card” Fight

Okay, this one is kind of real...

8. The “Get Off The Phone” Fight

Whether it’s you being unable to detach yourself from your mobile, or her being unable to stop talking on it, you both are guilty of lingering on your phones for too long.

If your Mom can’t call you out on it, then who can?

9. The “Tell Me What’s Wrong” Fight

You have two options: 1) You’re fine. Nothing is wrong. Please stop worrying about me, Mom. (But really, don’t. We don’t want to be the inspo for the next Lifetime movie.) Or, 2) You end up in tears, telling her everything.

10. The “Stop Embarrassing Me” Fight

She offers to talk to your boss about your recent string of tardiness. She knows who your latest eye candy is when you run into him because she’s investigated him on Facebook.

Think about all the things you embarrassed her with, perfect-child-you. Yeah, her wanting to hear about your potential boyfriend isn’t too bad.

11. The “Please Don’t Do That Stupid Thing” Fight

Your mom will try to jedi-mind-trick you into doing the right thing by playing it cool, when inside, you know her too well to know she’s boiling. (Her eye twitching and/or eyebrow shaking are also pretty good indicators.)

The reason for her warnings? She knows she’ll be the first phone call when sh*t hits the fan.

12. The “We’re The Same Person” Fight

Regardless if you want this or not, you have half of her genetic makeup, which means you two are more alike than you think.

Sometimes, when you fight, you fight about the same things or misunderstand the same points. Wow, it must be hard for Dad.