11 Times Samantha Jones Laid Down The Law On Sex And Relationships

by Margaret O'Brien

There will always be times when we need someone to just tell it like it is – and that someone is Samantha Jones.

No matter which of the four beautiful "Sex and the City" ladies is your personal favorite, Samantha is undoubtedly the one to say what must be said in certain situations.

Her vulgar, raunchy behavior, which includes just a splash of irreverence, is what made us fall in love with her throughout the series.

But, underneath all of that, she speaks the truth. Her words may make us laugh, but at times, it’s the best advice we could ask for.

Here are 11 times Samantha told us exactly what we needed to hear.

She has a new perspective on love, relationships and men.

1. “This love stuff is a motherf*cker.”

Falling in love (or out of it) is complicated for everyone. No relationship is absolutely perfect; each one takes understanding, patience and a lot of effort in order for it to work. Samantha reminds us that love is far from easy.

2. “Men cheat for the same reason dogs lick their balls… because they can.”

Maybe it was your first boyfriend in high school or maybe it was a more serious relationship in your 30s; regardless of when, sometimes, cheating happens. It sucks, but if you find yourself in that situation, remember that Samantha compared cheaters to dogs licking their balls. Makes you feel a little better, huh?

3. “His problem is he’s an assh*le.”

No matter how much you care about someone, sometimes, he's just not a good person. Sometimes, he's an assh*le. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can cut him from your life and make room for someone much more deserving.

4. “We’re as f*cked up as you. It’s the blind leading the blind.”

Samantha nails this one. No one — not your best friend, sister or mom — has all of the answers when it comes to love. It’s impossible for anyone to know it all. But, all you can do is stick together and figure it out as you go.

She encourages self-love and confidence.

5. “I love you, but I love me more.”

To a certain extent, it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes. You can’t love anyone else until you’ve learned to love yourself. Do what’s best for you and don’t be afraid of success -- Samantha isn’t.

6. “Hello, my name is fabulous.”

You are fabulous, so why not say it? Confidence is not cockiness.

She never lets others push her around.

7. “If you want to say something about me, say it to my face.”

Idle gossip is not something you should let get to your head. If someone has a problem with you, there is nothing wrong with asking him or her to talk to you about it instead of everyone else in the room.

8. “I’m a lovely person. Get to know me, then hate me.”

If someone chooses not to like you before getting to know you, then that’s his or her loss. You (and Samantha) don’t need anyone in your life who doesn’t want to be there.

9. “I will not be judged by you or society.”

No further explanation needed on this one.

And finally, she always says exactly what’s on her mind.

10. “I have to start writing things down. I also have to start drinking heavily.”

Absolutely no filter, just the way we love her.

11. “I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.”

Life’s too short to not have any fun. There are certainly times to be serious, but make sure you find time to let loose. When in doubt, ask yourself, WWSD (what would Samantha do)?