The 11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Extremely Low Maintenance

by Keay Nigel

The assumption that men are all low maintenance (or at least, that they’re not as high maintenance as women) is totally invalid, especially in today’s world. Many men are embracing ideals that seem to appeal to feminine concerns: facial creams, tight tops, skinny jeans, spending hours at the gym... the list continues.

On the whole, men are growing increasingly more concerned with appearance and sartorial choices. They spend more time in the shower, in front of the mirror, in the H&M changing room and at the salon.

But still, there are plenty of guys who are lagging behind in this “evolution of the modern man.” Is your boyfriend still a low maintenance guy, or has he evolved?

Check out these 11 points to consider before grading your boyfriend on the low maintenance scale:

1. He uses 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash.

He doesn't give a sh*t about using a proper shampoo. He just wants one bottle to solve all his showering needs, from head to toe. He definitely isn’t buying into the phenomenon that different shampoos are necessary for different hair types. “Smoothing,” “Anti-breakage,” “Moisture Control” and “Volume” all look the same to him; they’re all just shampoo.

Obviously, it should go without saying that he doesn’t have conditioner.

2. He doesn't even have a facial cleanser.

He usually washes his face with nothing but water (or with the 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash). He doesn’t freak out about a new pimple or emerging wrinkles and freckles. He probably has pretty decent skin, but he’s so low maintenance about it that his regimen toes the line of plain old poor hygiene.

3. He uses drugstore deodorant.

Old Spice or Axe are his go-to body odor terminators. They’re amongst the most popular brands for men and are easily accessible at any drugstore near you. Moreover, he only uses deodorant because he doesn’t want to smell bad, and he doesn’t need an $80 bottle of perfume to do the job.

But, if you request for him to use the fragrance you bought him for his birthday on date night or to an important meeting with your friends or your parents, he will definitely comply. It's just that, to a low maintenance guy, smelling fancy doesn't really matter that much.

4. He can live on cereal, microwaveable food and sandwiches.

On a basic level, this is just lazy, but it’s really convenient that he’s not picky. Questions like "Where should we go for dinner?" and "What should we eat?" become pretty rhetorical after a while because you know that he'll answer with "anything" or "whatever you want." He’s down for whatever you want: burger, Chinese, Mexican, pasta. From a dietary standpoint, it’s good to have a non-fussy boyfriend.

5. He is a functionalist.

Does everything need to appeal to his sense of practicality? Maybe he says things like, "I won't wear a ring unless I'm married” and “I won't wear a scarf unless my neck is cold." The way he acts is deliberate and his choices reflect a sense of urgent essentialism. Extras are unnecessary.

6. He wears the same shirts over and over again.

T-shirts are "safe to wear" (aka, he wore one last week and nobody gave him negative feedback). He probably also chooses shirts near the top of the drawer since he sees them immediately. He might also wear his garments a bit too often and for too long before throwing them in the laundry basket.

7. He uses Febreze on everything.

His sheets, his jackets and his dirty clothes all share the same scent. Febreze will keep things smelling a whole lot newer and cleaner than they actually are. Any tactic to prolong wearing time before laundry day is a good tactic.

8. He is not into fashion or brands.

He seldom -- never -- cares about fashion trends. He doesn't actively try to change his outfits by mixing and matching new with old, or throwing on pairings he’s never tried. Usually, he sticks to his consistent, yet simple style of a t-shirt, plain jacket, loose jeans and running shoes. Oh geez, running shoes. If you try to spice things up and get him some Calvin Klein underwear, he probably won’t notice or care about the brand. He’s happy to take anything you offer him.

9. He doesn't shop.

Well, this actually just means that he doesn't buy things for himself. He doesn’t go on huge shopping sprees, and retail therapy doesn’t relax him. If he goes shopping with you, his eyes will likely land on a seat in the store where he can sit and wait while you browse.

10. He doesn't live at the gym.

He isn't obsessed with his body fat percentage, his biceps or his abs. He doesn't take protein shakes for muscle gain. Even if he exercises, he swims, runs or plays sports; whatever he does, it doesn’t rule his life.

11. He's a geek (who also plays video games).

He doesn't need a ton of attention from you, and he knows how to keep himself busy with books, video games or his computer. He is pretty self-sufficient (except maybe when it comes to sex).

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr