45 Things Girls Do On Sunday That Make It Our Favorite Day Of The Week

by Ashley Fern

It's been said that a girl and her bed have an endless love affair on Sundays and, honestly, I couldn't agree more. Is there anything better than waking up in your own comfy bed with no obligations to look forward to? (Hint: No!)

Sure, maybe you think waking up in a guy's bed may be a better way to arise on Sunday, but let's be real here, OK? No one enjoys the process that comes after that: the dreaded walk of shame.

So, why do females love Sundays so damn much? Because we get to engage in the following behaviors without even the slightest hint of judgment!:

1. Never leaving our beds.

2. Ordering every meal from Seamless.

3. Filling up various online retailer carts without any intention of buying anything.

4. Uploading 50-plus pictures from our weekend adventures.

5. Sleeping as late as we please.

6. Skipping the gym.

7. Overdosing on the gym.

8. Not wearing a bra.

9. Not showering.

10. Eating every meal in our beds.

11. Watching three seasons of "Gilmore Girls" just because.

12. Sitting in a pool of ash.

13. Not brushing our teeth until mid-afternoon.

14. Eating our cold drunk leftovers.

15. Snapchatting our double chin to all of our friends.

16. Putting gym clothes on and pretending we actually have some intention of going. Not!

17. "Latergramming" and pretending it wasn't.

18. The longest distance we have to travel is from our beds to the couch and back again.

19. Refusing to acknowledge makeup exists.

20. Wearing our underwear from the night before.

21. ...Or just not wearing any underwear.

22. Eating the entire contents of our fridges, claiming it will "go bad" by Monday.

23. Using our chests as a food tray.

24. Spending an entire episode of "Homeland" painting and repainting our nails.

25. Alternating our definition of productivity to include: digesting, respirating and passively thinking while watching Bravo shows.

26. Canceling all of our plans because we're busy... watching Netflix.

27. Taking an extra three minutes on the toilet to refresh our news feeds.

28. Spending six hours on Tinder to get a confidence boost.

29. Which we then delete and redownload at least three times throughout the day.

30. Not leaving our apartments for the entire day.

31. Not making contact with anyone for over 12 hours outside of the delivery man.

32. Tweeting about how active we've been all day even though we haven't left our apartments at all.

33. Internally debating whether or not we should do something active.

34. Oh please, the only activity we're doing is bringing food to our mouths.

35. ...And the remote up to television height.

36. We call changing our sweatpants an activity.

37. We spend an hour Facetiming our best friend who lives across the country.

38. Figuring out our plans for the week ahead to feel less bad about doing absolutely nothing on this day.

39. Eating three separate dinners, none of which we've prepared ourselves.

40. Watching a marathon of Nicholas Sparks movies while crying into our pillows.

41. Back-stalking ourselves on Facebook.

42. Back-stalking our exes.

43. Back-stalking our crushes.

44. I guess... stalking anyone applies on Sundays.

45. Vowing never to spend another Sunday like this ever again.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It