17 Things You Go Through When Your Best Friend Lives Far Away From You

by Ashley Fern

There's only one type of long distance relationship I would tolerate in life and that is the one I have with my best friend.

Thank God for texting, Snapchat and FaceTime because they basically nullify the whole out of sight, out of mind issue. But, even with these convenient advents around to simulate geographic proximity and intimacy, how are you supposed to survive without your better half being close?

When your best friend's far away, who will lie in bed with you while you recall your terrible decisions from the previous night?

And, who will make these decisions with you now that your partner in crime is gone? Here's the emotional mess that you're left to navigate when your best friend lives far away:

1. You talk all day, every day

It doesn't matter which form of communication you choose — one way or another, you are in contact all day, every day.

You try to minimize the physical distance by making up for it in mental distance. You think that by talking more, it'll feel like your best friend is right there with you.

2. Now, your BFF knows more about what's happening in your life

You both feel the need to make up the distance by discussing every single little detail that happening in both of your lives.

Now, you talk about certain things — any things — a lot more than you used to. Whenever a thought crosses your mind, you instantaneously share it and vice versa.

3. You send more nudes to each other than to potential suitors

A picture is worth a thousand words and when there are thousands and thousands of miles between you and your best friend, sometimes you just send nude photos, nbd.

4. You've never understood why people loved FaceTiming until now

Before my best friend moved clear across the country, I had no idea why anyone would ever want to FaceTime. Now, I spend an hour daily engaging in this bizarre form of communication.

5. You communicate through Snapchat, Instagram, text and Facebook... simultaneously

While you're texting each other, you are also tagging each another in Instagram pictures that only the two of you appreciate. You're also Snapchatting her between photo tags while also writing on her Facebook wall.

6. Your watch is set to her West Coast time while your phone is set to your own East Coast time

How else are you supposed to keep up with the time difference AND plan your phone calls? It's just too much math to do on a daily basis.

7. You send each other good morning and goodnight texts

This is great since you both are waking up and going to sleep at different times. It really helps to fill the romantic void since you know no one else is sending either one of you these types of messages.

8. One of you is always drunk at an inconvenient time for the other

You can literally say and mean that it's 5'oclock somewhere. Your best friend will never actually consider this to be an inconvenient time because she will be dead sober and think it's absolutely hilarious, which will make her miss you that much more.

9. If they didn't before, people now question your sexuality

You both are in constant contact with one another to the point of people questioning whether or not you two are more than friends.

But, maybe they're onto something since you can't imagine going 24 hours without hearing from one another and if it did happen, it would be a worst case-scenario situation.

10. You already have your next four visits planned and booked

It's basically standard protocol to book at least one visit before your friend even departs for her new destination... right?

11. Instead of going on actual dates, you have Skype dates with each other

Why do you need to go on an actual date when you can have a video session with your long distance best friend?

I'd much rather hear about everything that happened during her day than some stranger's day. Hmm... maybe that's why we're both still single.

12. Your family has never checked in on you more to make sure that you're mentally okay

My family basically has me on suicide watch and, no, that is not an exaggeration.

13. You're not even mad that she left because you know it's best for her

Her happiness equates to your happiness, so if this move is in her best interest, you will put your feelings aside and support her in her endeavor.

I mean, you are each other's support systems and family, so you obviously only want what is best for her.

14. You have a difficult time binge watching all of the television series you used to watch together

Watching "Devious Maids," "Law And Order: SVU" and whatever other guilty pleasure program is out there just doesn't feel right without her by your side. You know this because you tried watching and quickly gave up (unless you were FaceTiming together while watching).

15. The same goes for eating your favorite foods

Oh, Dominos' thin crust pizza, where art thou? You don't even satisfy me like you used to because everyone knows it's no fun eating the entire pie by yourself. You need a pizza eating partner.

16. When you run out of things to talk about, you just start rehashing old memories

Remember that time you got into a heated drunken argument about the location of the late-night pizza place and onlookers had to physically separate you? No...

17. When you do reunite, you feel as if no time has actually passed

Distance? What distance...

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It