Watching This Vlogger Peel Off 100 Layers Of Face Mask Is Oddly Satisfying

Listen, people, as intriguing as these "100 layers" videos are, I think the trend may have to come to an end. It first started with people applying 100 layers of nail polish on their nails, which sparked the #polishmountain trend.

And then, YouTube vloggers started putting 100 layers of foundation and mascara all over their moneymakers. It really needs stop.

After Swedish vlogger Josefin Lillakas followed the trend and made a video of herself applying 100 layers of foundation, she was faced with lots of criticism concerning her skin and the acne that might appear from the insane amount of makeup it suffered through.

As a response, Lillakas decided to put 100 layers of a face mask on to show viewers that her pores would not "commit suicide" as she packed on the product.

In the video, she applies layer upon layer of a black face mask as a clap back to her haters who criticized her for not taking better care of her skin.

After her last video, it's no surprise she would want to give her pores a little TLC -- but 100 layers seems a bit much, even for something as healthy and soothing as a face mask. Admittedly, though, as gross as the finished product looks, watching the application process is pretty fascinating.

At first, it looks like a regular face mask, but then it quickly starts to bubble on her face. The sight will make you want to scream, hide and never come out of your magical hiding place where no one knows about this trend.

Right after she reaches 100 layers, the beauty lover peels the mask off her face as if it's tar. She refers to the texture and feel of it as "gum," which honestly doesn't make me feel any better. I'll probably have nightmares for the next week because I will never be able to unsee this process.

After failing to peel it all off, Lillakas takes a shower to remove all the gooey black stuff. And, to my surprise, her skin looks flawless AF in the end.

Now, I'm not saying you should all go to the store, buy buckets full of face masks and apply 100 layers on your own faces, but her skin does look pretty perfect.

Has Lillakas discovered the Fountain of Youth with this face mask technique? Probably not. But the internet is a wild place, and I'm sure there are hoards of people already on their way to CVS right now.

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