10 Things Your Girlfriend Is Thinking But Is Too Afraid To Tell You

by Carly Spindel

Women are over thinkers; it just comes naturally to us.

We could analyze until we’re blue in the face and sadly, we can’t help it.

There are so many things we think but don’t say because we care about you — our boyfriends — and don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Well, if every day was truth day, here are 10 things we wish we could say without sugarcoating:

1. Your Wardrobe Needs A Makeover

Many men are handsome, smart, accomplished and have their lives together. They’re geniuses at business, but clueless when it comes to fashion.

They don’t dress like they run the world and it drives us absolutely crazy. We want your clothes to portray how amazing you are.

You don’t need to look like you just stepped out of GQ, but we would like it if you tried to be a little more fashionable.

We want to show you off, but first, we have to tell you that your wardrobe needs some work.

2. We Want You To Be Neater!

Being messy isn’t cool. Women don’t want to date men who live like they're in a fraternity house.

Don’t fret; we don’t want to date someone who’s an OCD neat freak.

We don’t expect your fridge to be spotless or your t-shirts to be folded and lined up in a certain way. We want the bare minimum, really, just the basics.

So, here’s a hint: We hate it when you leave the toilet seat up and we would like you to be a bit tidier in general.

3. We Love Romance

As women, we love romance. We cry every time we watch "The Notebook" and we have a soft spot for Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."

Yes, you guessed it, we want the fairytale.

In fact, we love being wooed. We appreciate when you go out of your way to make us feel extra special.

Schedule a romantic date night, bring us chocolate and flowers and send us email reminders that you care. We notice all of the little things you do and we so appreciate them.

4. We Love Foreplay

Foreplay is one of our favorite things; it gets us in the mood. Women adore being kissed, explored and caressed. Spend a lot of time enjoying our bodies, please.

5. Planning Is An Aphrodisiac

We love it when you plan. Every woman wants to date a man who can plan and take charge. Organizing a date is a simple way to make us happy.

As long as you arrange it, we’re thrilled to be doing almost anything with you.

6. We Crave More Sex

Women are sexual, too. Yes, that’s right, we crave more sex. We want to enjoy ourselves just as much as you do. We like to feel wanted and needed, and we love being pleasured. We miss the days when you couldn’t keep your hands off of us.

7. We Enjoy Our Alone Time

Women like girls nights and “me time.” We need nights to unwind just for ourselves. Sometimes, we just want to be lazy and sit on our couches.

We like to watch chick flicks, make very healthy dinners and relax. We want to tell you that we need more alone time, but we don’t want to offend you.

8. We Have A Time Frame

Women were taught to have time frames. Our marriage and baby biological clocks are always ticking.

Don’t misunderstand; we’re not desperate. We’re not in a rush to get married to the next guy we meet. We’re holding out for someone really exceptional whom we can’t live without.

But, when we’re over the age of 25, we don’t need to date you for years and years before we know it’s right. We have a time frame and we really want you to stick to it.

9. We Want To Feel Special

We want to feel special all of the time. We’re overjoyed when you make an effort. Make us feel like we're an important priority for you.

10. The Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

When we’re mad at you, we’re usually thinking pretty irrationally.

So, if you’re in the doghouse, you’ll need to redeem yourself, ASAP.  I recommend using oral sex as your get out of jail free card. It works like a charm 98 percent of the time.