10 Signs You Are Finally Becoming Your Mother


She yelled at you to stop wearing so much eye makeup in middle school. She disapproved of your first serious boyfriend. She always noticed when you gained a few pounds and never failed to make a comment.

She’s your mom.

Mothers and daughters are biologically programmed to fight. And, of course, as young girls, we swore we weren’t going to be like our moms when we got older.

We could never understand why mom did the things she did, but then we grew up and her crazy habits didn’t seem so crazy anymore. In fact, we began to catch ourselves imitating them.

As we progress into young womanhood, there is some tangible evidence that our biggest nightmare is, in fact, coming true. Here are 10 signs we are slowly becoming *gulp* our mothers.

1. You are way too excited for that big glass of wine after work

You never did understand as a kid why mom liked a big glass of pinot after a long day at the office. Wine was gross -- why would she drink it? Because it’s freaking delicious, that’s why.

After a tedious day of classes or work, all you look forward to at home is the beloved bottle of wine sitting in your refrigerator. Mom would be proud.

2. You find yourself passive aggressively commenting on your friends’ taste in men

“Oh, honey, I’m sure he’s a total sweetheart, but he still was in a frat…”

Do you hear the judgment dripping from your voice? Now, of course, you only mean to be helpful. You just want what’s best for your friends, and you don’t want to see them get hurt.

3. You feel this overwhelming need to set out snacks whenever you have friends over

Okay, yes, they are at your place to drink. BUT, they might get hungry. It’s a few harmless cheese and crackers. You’re just being a good hostess. That doesn’t make you your mother … does it?

4. You yell at your boyfriend to put on his coat before he goes outside

It’s cold; does he want to freeze his ass off?! You’re not being controlling; you’re being a concerned girlfriend. Any other girl would say the same. He’ll thank you later.

5. You become irritated when your roommates play loud music

Honestly, it’s a weekday. Is it that necessary to blast Ariana Grande’s latest single through the stereo? Some of us are trying to watch Netflix in peace.

6. 9 o’clock is your ideal bedtime

Teeth brushed, face washed and tucked in bed by 8:59 on the dot. It rarely is your reality with such a hectic schedule, but it certainly is your goal most nights. Besides, it could be worse; at least you don’t wear a nightgown like your mom … yet.

7. You pester your older siblings about marriage and babies

All you want is a few nieces and nephews -- is that so wrong? You love family occasions: weddings, baby showers, etc. All you want is more of those as soon as possible.

8. You coupon

Growing up, you looked at mom like she was losing it as she furiously cut and saved small rectangles of paper. Now, those rectangles are your life.

Couponing has allowed you some wiggle room in an ever-tight budget. Around Christmas time, nothing beats saving 20 percent at Macy’s after a purchase of $50 or more. Nothing.

9. You beg your friends to take pictures whenever you get together

You hated when mom made you gather with your siblings to take a picture on family outings. Now, you appreciate having lasting memories, and you want your friends to feel the same. So get together, smile and say cheese, dammit.

10. You want what’s best for the people you care about

Like mom, you may have a funny way of showing it, but you always do what’s right by your friends and family.

We may have complained about our mothers' ways growing up, but as we gradually become more like them, we realize maybe it’s not so bad after all.