5 Reasons Why A Woman Never Has To Owe Anyone Sex, No Matter What

by Katie Gonzalez

When one disgruntled husband sent his working wife (en route to a business trip, no less) an Excel-organized list of all the times he attempted to initiate sex and she refused his advances, the Internet was quick to make his work go viral.

While funny parodies of this list followed, some inexplicably took to criticizing the wife for the circumstances in her life that led to turn down sex in the specific, one-sided recollections her husband captured.

The wife fired back (anonymously, understandably) with a response of her own, giving some justification for why she wasn't feeling too frisky over the course of the two months her husband recorded.

Our sex life HAS tapered in the last few months, but isn't that allowed? We are adults leading busy, stressful lives. I cook for him, I do his laundry, I keep our house clean and tidy. It's not like our sex life was going to be this way FOREVER, it was a temporary slow-down due to extenuating circumstances.

While perhaps necessary to indulge the haters and get them to quiet down, the real truth is this: Women should never have to justify why they don't want to have sex — with a husband, boyfriend, random hookup or otherwise.

And they certainly shouldn't ever have to explain this rationale, whether to their partner or an online community of too-concerned weirdos.

Although it should be obvious, we've rounded up a list of 5 reasons why a woman never owes a man sex:

Because she can pay for her own dinner

If you're still the kind of dude who thinks women should repay you for that non-Michelin star meal and cheapest-on-the-menu bottle of wine with some good ole' fashioned love-making, then I hope you go the way of the dinosaurs. Enjoy extinction.

Men, if women are electing to grace you with their company (and maybe starting to find you tolerable in the process), you should never expect anything more than a "thank you" as your evening comes to a close.

Because you know what? We women can pay for our own damn dinners, and will probably laugh at our own jokes more than your lame attempts to be hilarious.

Take us out because you want to see us, not sleep with us. Anything else is an added bonus — for you.

Because she has the right to determine what she does with her body

Um, this statement should be a given, and totally informs everything else in this post.

In case you need any more clarification, here it is: WOMEN ARE IN CONTROL OF THEIR BODIES AND WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WITH THEM.

Hobby Lobby ruling, be damned. Women should always feel comfortable to call the shots when it comes to their physical being.

Don't want any nookie? Just say no. It's a woman's right.

Because she can get herself off better than you can

Science is not on your side, guys.

The majority of women have only experienced orgasm through masturbation, which is generally a much less complicated process when we women take the matter into our own... er... hands.

Only 25 percent of women actually climax during sex with someone else.

And according to one particular study, women, on average, achieve orgasm within three minutes while masturbating. A similar end result takes 15-20 minutes when a partner is involved.

The same satisfying orgasm, with less time and less trouble? Don't think she needs you for a second, guys.

Be grateful whenever a woman is willing to give you her loving, because you're certainly not a necessary component in her reaching completion.

Because she has other things on her mind

It's no surprise that guys tend to get tunnel vision when they see sex in the equation.

Poor sex-less husband, he was probably too wholly consumed with getting some that he couldn't see the error of his ways in sending his busy wife that spreadsheet.

But if a woman's preoccupied with other things she has going on — that presentation, a sick kid, a desire to bingewatch Netflix uninterrupted -- take no issue with the fact that she may not be in the mood.

It's not you, it's everything else. And you know what? That's perfectly all right.

Because you're a "nice guy"

Elliot Rodger is just one unfortunate example of a guy who believed that being "nice" entitled him to preferential treatment from women, in the form of sex.

If you're only being kind and courteous to a female because you hope she'll later shower you with physical affection, you're not a "nice guy" at all.

You're totally insincere, equipped with a set of ulterior motives that will only have you feeling disappointed, unfulfilled and wronged.

But the only one in the wrong is you, for believing in the first place that a set of normal human behaviors entitled you to anything at all.

Women deserve respect, they don't need to be coddled or coveted.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It