Two Sides To The Story: This Is The Wife's Version Of The Sexually Frustrated Spreadsheet (Photo)

Earlier today, we reported on a sexually frustrated husband who wasn't getting enough sex and decided to make an Excel spreadsheet about it.

The Funny Sister created an epic response from the female's perspective, chronicling the wife's reasons she chose not to have sex with her husband each night.

Unfortunately, it's not the actual wife's response, but these reasons are pretty legitimate and could definitely be the real ones of many a married woman.

For the "no" days, excuses like "My time of the month," "Bombed my presentation. So depressed," and "So exhausted. Spent the day preparing the house for all his friends to come over for the 4th of July party. He didn't help AT ALL and spent the day ignoring me" seem acceptable to me.

The "yes" reasons are really good, too. "OMG Did he finally figure out foreplay?!" is probably my favorite because, well, lots of men do need to work on that.

Check out the rest of the responses from the female perspective.

To compare, here are the responses from the male perspective.

via The Funny Sister, Photo Courtesy: The Funny Sister