10 Pieces Of Advice Women Give But Never Actually Take

Women are naturally born with the “we know everything and we are always right" attitude.

In reality, though, we may not know absolutely everything. We will never admit that, however. I’m not even admitting it here; I’m just saying we MAY not know everything. Still, majority of the time, we really do.

For any man reading this, just keep quiet.

We can admit that there is some advice we give but never actually heed for ourselves.

Whether it’s about guys or sticking to a diet, we love to give advice we never even listen to:

1. “Don’t go back to your ex.”

Every single girl does this. I do not care who you are. We all have that one guy we started dating when we were about 16 years old who we just couldn’t seem to walk away from for good.

When a friend has a bad breakup and looks to you for advice, you tell her to leave his crazy controlling ass!

God knows you didn’t do that yourself, and when anyone gave you the same advice, you wanted to punch him or her in the face. “No one understands,” right?

2. “Leave him. He seriously sucks.”

When you see your best girlfriend in a toxic relationship, your gut instinct is to tell her to run far, far away and never look back. This one and the one above go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. Sometimes you just can’t find it in your heart to leave and that’s when you start making stupid excuses.

For example, “...but we bought a dog together.” Stop it. You two aren’t married. It’s not a human being. You don’t share custody; just steal the dog and run.

3. “Don’t go snooping through his stuff.”

You should trust him; he didn’t do anything to you to lose your trust. That’s the logical reasoning, right? Well, no. Every crazy girlfriend out there cannot resist when her boyfriend’s Facebook page is left open on his laptop, or when his cellphone is unlocked. We are curious human beings. It’s only natural.

4. “You have no reason to hate his ex, so don’t.”

Your boyfriend had a life before you and you should accept his past for what it is. That’s what we tell each other, but you know deep down inside, if you ever ran into YOUR boyfriend’s ex, there would be a beat down.

5. “Stop overthinking everything.”

This does not just pertain to guys; it pertains to every aspect of our lives. It’s a curse we have that we must overthink absolutely everything. We always tell other people to just relax and not focus on the issue so much. Then we go home and start pacing the house because our best friend didn’t answer any of our text messages and now we think she’s dead or kidnapped; in reality, she’s just sleeping.

6. “You don’t need to delete/block your ex off of social media. That’s so childish.”

Social media is constantly present. It's everyone’s face; there’s no escaping it. We tell each other that deleting/blocking an ex or past hookup is immature, but we are so social media obsessed ourselves that we don’t want to see our ex’s most recent posts. The result? We delete/block him eventually.

7. “You had sex without a condom AND you aren’t on birth control? You’re insane! I would never do that.”

I am not condoning unprotected sex AT ALL. I am just saying that everyone has that one drunken night when they don't have a condom and are in the moment. So don’t judge your friends; you probably did that once, too.

This is one piece of advice, though, that we need to start paying mind to. Even if it’s “just the tip,” wrap it up.

8. “Being drunk is not an excuse.”

Girls’ night is all fun and games until the tequila shots start flowing. Then no one can be held accountable for their actions or their words. Even though most of us have claimed that being drunk is not an excuse for a one-night stand or dancing on the bar, it kinda is.

Stop telling your girl to watch her drinking and let her enjoy. In the morning, she’ll blame it on the alcohol and you will accept it.

9. “Don’t you want to look hot in your bathing suit this summer? Put the cookie down.”

Girls in college are infamous for this mindset.

We tell each other we are going to go on diets together, fill the house with healthy food and then go for frozen yogurt 15 minutes later. We tell one another not to eat any of the cookies hidden in the pantry because summer is around the corner, but when no one is looking, we hide in the darkness of our locked bedrooms and finish the box.

10. “Go out tonight; you’ll do your homework tomorrow.”

Senioritis or not, no one has time for homework when it’s a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. When we want all of our friends to go to the bar, we just tell them to do their homework another day. We know full well, however, that their homework won’t get done the next day and neither will ours.

But which sounds more appealing: enjoying a night out with your girls while getting hit on by creepy men, or staying home on your crusty couch and doing physics homework? You tell me.

So, ladies, enough with the nonsense. We need to start telling each other the truth. The truth isn’t bad advice at all; it’s just more realistic.

You wouldn’t want your friends doing something you wouldn’t do, right?

Photo via We Heart It