5 Yoga Poses That'll Do So Much More For Your Core Than Any Waist Trainer Could

by Georgina Berbari

When you're trying to get into a fitness routine and adopt a healthier lifestyle, it can be challenging as all hell at first. Consistency is key, and lifestyle changes come with time. I know it can be tempting to take the easy way out and invest in something like a waist trainer, but TBH, there are so many waist training workouts out there that are way more effective than a contraption that literally feels like it's suffocating you.

Waist trainers are 500-year-old devices that probably (definitely) should be left in the past. Putting on one of these strange corsets makes it hard to breathe and squishes your lungs and ribs. According to Marie Claire, some women have actually passed out from wearing a waist trainer for too long.

Plus, waist trainers are often aimed at spot reduction weight loss, which isn't actually a thing at all. Spot reduction is thought to be the idea that if you work out one part of your body, you'll lose weight specifically in that part. But your body simply doesn't work that way. Not to mention, this kind of mindset has no place in a lifestyle that's meant to make you feel good, instead of just look good.

But if you need some science to convince you, let me break it down for you. According to Yale Scientific, within each fat cell, you have triglycerides, which your muscles are unable to use for energy. When you exercise, triglycerides are broken down and travel all over your body -- not just specific parts -- making spot reduction a literally impossible thing.

Instead of focusing on toxic and unrealistic fitness goals like this, allow yourself to explore workouts that will make you feel good and get the results you're looking for. Enter yoga: a sustainable workout that will slowly tone your torso, but provide long-term results worth working for.

Here are five yoga poses that'll do way more for your core than some weird ass corset ever could.

1. Boat Pose

Boat pose (or navasana) is a challenging as hell. As a yoga instructor, every time I cue it in class, I can literally feel the internal groans from my students.

This pose forces you to use major lower abdominal strength to keep your legs lifted.  If you throw a few navasanas into your daily routine, your core will be strong AF in no time.

Oh, and don't worry if your legs don't straighten in boat pose. If your hamstrings are a bit tight, you can keep your knees slightly bent and still reap the same tummy-toning results.

2. Star Plank

Star plank is a variation of side plank that will make you feel the burn.

Fair warning: You're going to have to focus during this move to keep your balance, but once you get the hang of it, your obliques and lower abs will be on fire.

3. Bird Dog

Bird dog is an ab-blaster that has you hold your opposite arm and leg away from your body. Use your breath to maintain a strong stillness in this core-sculpting pose.

Keeping your abdominals tight as you hold this pose will also help you perfect your overall balance, so engage those bad boys and embrace the challenge.

4. Warrior III

Warrior III requires a great amount of core strength to balance, lengthen, and strengthen your body. As you hold this pose, draw your belly upward into your spine, and remember to breathe deeply.

When you start to feel the burn, just remind yourself how much better this feels than that constricting corset waist trainer.

5. Knee-To-Arm Plank

Bringing your knee to your arm in a plank pose may seem simple, but after a few reps, your abs will be in agony.

Plus, challenging yourself to lift your knee higher into your armpit will provide a deeper sculpting sensation for your obliques and lower abs.

Peace out, waist trainer -- see you never.