5 Yoga Moves That Will Tone Your Entire Body In Time For Summer

We need to talk about summer.

Maybe you're cooped up inside the library studying for finals, or maybe you're still sipping hot coffee inside your overly air conditioned office. In any case, it's easy to forget that summer is pretty much here. I mean it. It's mid-May.

Are you over that shock yet? Good. Because we've got some other things to talk about, like your work-out routine.

Whether it's about having more energy or rocking your bikini with confidence on the beach this summer, I'm all about being your best self in the summertime. And that means getting serious about exercise.

Here's the thing, though:  You don't have to spend hours on end running on the treadmill  or lifting weights inside your dark, depressing gym.

Instead, look no further than these four yoga moves demonstrated by Elite Daily's own Celine Rahman. If you make a habit out of rocking these on a daily basis, I promise you'll have some impressive tank-top arms and a toned tummy by Fourth of July, if not earlier.

Here are the poses you should try:

Plank Pose to Chatarunga

Celine Rahman

Downward Facing Dog to Warrior 2

Celine Rahman

Boat Pose

Celine Rahman

Reverse Boat Pose

Celine Rahman

Namaste, y'all.