6 Workouts You Can Still Do If You End Up Skipping The Gym

If you're anything like me, going to the gym is part of your daily routine, and sometimes it's just an escape from life.

But, there are times when life wins and the gym just isn't an option.

Whatever the reason, there are several exercise substitutes that can replace your gym time and can get your blood flowing.

Here's how feel like you at least put a dent into that holiday meal you just put into your body:

1. Get outside

Whether it's a run or a hike, you can go outside (weather permitting) for some type of physical activity.

Running and hiking really just require athletic shoes, so there isn't much of an excuse to not do this if going to the gym isn't an option.

Running through the city can be just as revitalizing as a hike through the woods, so there's really no excuse to not get outside, no matter where you live.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups might be one of the most boring and oldest moves in the book, but they should be incorporated in a work-out routine, especially if you can't make it to the gym.

If you want to switch it up and target different muscles, try triceps push-ups. Place your hands closer to your chest, and then lower your body as far as you can go.

If you're feeling really ambitious, pump out diamond push-ups. Your hands must be under your chest with your thumbs touching, and then lower your body.

God speed with those.

3. Planks

Planks or body braces are a great core workout and really help accomplish that flat belly goal.

They can even be done during the commercial of binge-watching television. Start holding yourself up on your forearms for 45 seconds, and if that's too much, then shoot for 30 seconds or whatever goal you feel is attainable for you.

During the next commercial break, I recommend side planks to incorporate your entire core.

Place your forearm below your shoulder, raise your hips until your body is in a straight line and hold for the goal time.

If your body starts to shake, then you're doing it right.

While these moves may seem mundane, the little movement will make a big difference for your long-term goal, and you can also break up the binge-watching during the holiday season.

4. Squats

We all want those booty gains, and squats do a body good, especially when it comes to the thighs and butt area.

Not only does this move help sculpt great legs, but squats also promote muscle growth in your entire body.

Start by doing sets of 10, and then work your way up to 15. Squats can be more difficult than one would think, so don't worry if you have to do less than you would have imagined.

It's your end result and how your ass looks at the end of the holiday season that matters.

5. Burpees

If you don't have people living below you, or you know you won't disrupt them, then burpees are a necessary evil.

They are entire body workout, meaning you'll burn more calories in less time, allowing you to enjoy more time to yourself, with family or eating during the holidays.

Stand with your feet hips-width apart, lower into a squat position with hands on the ground, step back, do a push-up and then jump up.

Repeat this sequence 10 times, and you'll feel your heart rate go up. Do this for every day, and you'll really start to feel a difference in your endurance and strength.

6. Use technology

If all else fails, and you can't motivate yourself to get some type of physical activity in when you don't have access to a gym, then use a fitness app to get your ass in gear.

Millennials were the generation that changed people's thoughts about getting in a car with a stranger just through an app, so why not use your phone for other great things, such as creating a workout for yourself.

You still get the feeling like you have a trainer in front of you because your workout is already outlined for you, but you don't even need to leave the house.