Here's What It Takes To Burn Off That McDonald's Shamrock Shake

Ah, St. Patrick's Day.

A day to wear green, drink beer and debate whether it's St. Patty's or St. Paddy's Day (for the record, it's St. Paddy's).

If you're planning on doing the day right, I'm going to guess you either had or plan to have one of McDonald's famous Shamrock Shakes at some point today.

Don't get me wrong, Shamrock Shakes are delicious and essential parts of St. Patrick's Day. But, they're also super high-calorie: One 22-ounce Shamrock Shake is a whopping 820 calories.

Because we want you to enjoy your shake, we had our friends over at Reebok put together a nice little workout to help you burn off that green deliciousness.

You ready for this?

Run one mile.


And do it under 10 minutes!

Do 100 burpees.


From standing, lower your chest and thighs to the floor. Then, come back to standing before finishing with a jump and clap above your head. That's one rep. Complete all within 10 minutes.

Do 250 double unders.


Use a jump rope, but instead of the traditional jump and pass, allow the rope to make two full passes under your feet per jump. That's one rep. Complete all within five minutes.

Do 75 push-ups.


Complete within three minutes.

Row 2,000 meters.


Use a rowing machine and row for distance -- 2,000 meters (that's about the equivalent of a mile and a quarter). Complete within 10 minutes.

Do 200 sit-ups.


Complete within five minutes.

Burn 50 calories on the Ski Erg.


Cross-country ski using a simulator. You continue reps until the monitor shows you reached 50 calories. Begin with hands and feet shoulder-width apart and hands slightly above head, arms bent. Drive handles downward, bending your knees. Finish with knees slightly bent, arms extended alongside thighs. Extend arms upward, straighten body and return to starting position. Time will vary.

Do 100 pull-ups.


Time will vary.

Burn 50 calories on the Assault Bike.


Pedal the fan bike while you simultaneously push/pull the handles, until the monitor shows you reached 50 calories. Time will vary.

Have an awesome St. Paddy's day!