The Work-Out Plan You Need To Follow If You Want A Toned Booty Before Summer

Spring break is over and done with, and the reality that summer is almost here is ridiculously exciting.

But with summer comes the pressure to get toned, fit and in shape. After all, summer is prime beach season, and in just a few short months, you'll be pulling out those swimsuits.


There's no reason you shouldn't feel comfortable in your skin, and the best way to boost your confidence is by knowing you've been working hard for the body you have.

In order to help you achieve your #goals, I've come up with the number one work-out plan you need to get a toned booty before summer:

1. Cardio

In order to get in shape, we have to start by shedding that winter bulk.

The best way to lose those extra pounds we put on during the winter is by hitting up the cardio room! Jump on that treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike, and get ready to feel the burn.

Try to make it your goal to do 20 to 40 minutes of cardio each and every day.

2. Weighted squats

After your cardio, head to the Smith machine and put 20-pound weights on each side of the bar.

Do five sets of six squats. Make sure to go deep so you're activating as much muscle as possible!

3. Straight-legged deadlifts

Get a few 45-pound weights and stack them on the ground. Now, grab a 25-pound weight and stand on top of the 45-pound weights.

Holding the 25-pound weight in your hands, lean down to the floor, keeping your knees slightly bent, and then lift back up. Do three sets of 15.


You will be feeling this for days afterward!

4. Weighted lunges

Grab a 10-pound weight for each hand and start lunging. Do three sets of 10 for each leg.

5. Calf raises

Now, head back to the Smith machine and place a few 45-pound weights on the ground.

Put 10-pound weights on each side of the bar, and get into position. Place your toes on the top of the 45-pound weights with your heals touching the ground.

Now, with the bar resting on your should and you holding it in place, rise up using those calves. Do three sets of 15.

Once you've finished, blast out another set of 20, this time without putting your heels to the ground. This final burn should have your calves on fire.

Now, get ready for some yoga moves to stretch out and work on your flexibility.

6. Downward-facing dog

Get into the plank position, and lift your booty up into the air, stretching out those calf muscles.

Make sure your back and knees are straight, but not locked out.

7. Flat back

From the downward-facing dog position, walk up your hands, stretch your arms into the sky and then lean forward straightening your back, as if you were stretching it out onto a table.

With your back as flat as a board and your eyes looking down at the ground, stretch your arms out to the sides.

This move should relieve tension form your lower back caused by all those leg moves!

8. Bridge pose

You are almost done!

Lie down on a yoga mat with you knees propped up. Next, left your booty up into the air, lifting those hip bones as high as you can with your shoulders still touching the ground.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Do two sets with a short break in between.

To enhance your workout, make sure to fuel up with electrolyte-filled drinks and/or a protein shake! If you're not a fan of protein shakes, fill up on natural protein like veggies and fish.

Whatever you prefer, just make sure you replenish the nutrients you just lost, and eat lots of protein to repair your damaged muscles.

So, there you have it: your guide to getting that dream booty.

Do this workout once per week, and by the time summer rolls around, you'll have the booty of your dreams.