Women Who Have Sex A Lot Do One Thing Differently, According To A Study


Experiencing a serious dry spell?

Worry not, ladies. According to new research conducted out of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, you only have to do one thing if you want to have more sex: Use contraception.

Researchers had 210,000 women in 47 different countries fill out surveys starting in 2005 asking whether or not the women had sex in the past four weeks, NPR reports.

Of the women who used contraception, 90 percent reported having sex in the past four weeks, while only 72 percent of women who didn't use contraception reported doing so.

While some countries had more sex than others, women who used contraception always reported having more sex than those who didn't.

Although researcher Suzanne Bell noted more research needs to be conducted on this topic (the researchers don't know how related this topic is to women worrying about pregnancy), it's good to know contraception can cause such a spike in a woman's sex life.

If you ask me, men should probably take this study into account and stop resisting condom use. Or if scientists could make the whole male birth control thing happen sooner rather than later, that would be awesome.

Until then, if you want to have more sex, use condoms, an intrauterine device (IUD) or take oral birth control. Orgasms are healthy, ladies!

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