6 Winter Hibernation Habits You Should Break Before Spring

by Daniela Karpenos
Guile Faingold

The winter months haven't been kind to us. They haven't helped our skin, our health motivation or our wallets.

With the months of our hibernation drawing to a close, here are six winter habits to kick the curb for good (or until next December):

1. The Sweatshirt Slump

It's all fun and games when fall fashion rolls around. Everything is suddenly trendier in earthy tones and layers. Jeans are crisp, and scarves are bundled.

Then, winter creeps up on us, and suddenly, those suede heeled boots aren't so practical anymore, and the idea of putting together another jeans and sweater ensemble is almost unbearable. On a dreary January morning, we're lucky to drag ourselves out of bed, let alone find something to wear other than leggings and an oversized gray sweatshirt.

But with spring just around the corner, it's time to renew our sense of style and regain our fashion inspiration. No more groutfits for us!

2. Spending Your Day In The Netflix Dungeon

It's February, and you've burned through all 10 seasons of "Friends." Now, spring is calling for you to spend time with real, human friends.

While the “Netflix and chill” fad might not die anytime soon, the habit of solo binge-watching most definitely should come springtime. The warmer weather will unlock a myriad of activities previously forbidden by the tundra that was the outdoors.

Movies all day won't cut it anymore when there are parks, beaches and cities to explore.

3. Ordering In

In the laziness of our hibernation, we've prioritized comfort and warmth over our health. If you haven't noticed, it's notably much easier to order in pizza and Chinese food over trekking to get salads and smoothies.

It's time to quit cold turkey for the sake of our health and wallets. By ordering in less, what we lose in winter weight, we will gain in our bank accounts.

Remember that all of those delivery charges and tips add up.

4. Drinking Hot Drinks In Excess

When we're red-nosed and numb-fingered, gingerbread lattes and mochas are a must. It's no wonder that Starbucks saw their first-quarter rise by 10 percent this year with the influx of specialty drinks purchased around the winter holidays.

But despite the irresistibility of steamy drinks in the face of the frost, these holiday specialities spike our sugar and caloric intake twofold. And at upwards of $4 for a grande Starbucks chai latte, they're not too forgiving on our wallets either.

5. Ubering Everywhere

Whether you're in college and taking Ubers from frat to frat on the weekends, or you're a regular city-walker who can't find her motivation this time of year, Ubers add up big time, and our winter budgets are bursting in response. Let's ditch the unkind fair surges and cancellation fees come spring.

Walking more regularly will allow us to not only save money better spent elsewhere, but it will also encourage us to live more active lifestyles.

6. Refusing To Start Moving

We've all been there. It's 9 am, and we're wrapped up in a cocoon of comforters, swaddled in sweaters.

Outside our window, the world is a dark, cold and unforgiving place. The thought of putting on Lycra or Spandex anything is enough to induce a shudder.

New Year's resolutions start tomorrow, we tell ourselves for the 15th consecutive day we've spent avoiding the gym. We can only hope the warm weather brings about the fitness motivation we've been lacking.

Maybe the sunlight pouring in through our windows will give us the boost we need to seize the day and get moving. So, let's a do a little mental spring cleaning and ditch these six winter habits.

You and I will better off without them.