5 Ways To Save Your Hair The Day After A Sweaty Summer Night

Let's be real: This is a legitimate struggle for almost all of us each and every morning.

Your alarm goes off, and as you slowly reenter reality, you suddenly realize your entire body is vaguely, um, damp.

It kind of feels like you've been sleeping the entire night in a pair of pajamas that barely made it halfway through a proper cycle in the dryer.

While it's easy to peel those suckers off and wash away that layer of sweat with a quick body shower, fixing your hair is a totally different story.

Personally, washing my hair in the morning is impossible, unless I want to give myself a full two hours to get ready, or if I can somehow be OK with strolling into work with a wet head.

If you find yourself at a loss for how to style your hair after a sweaty summer night, here are five ways to salvage your lovely tresses.

1. Channel your inner Disney princess.

And by Disney princess, I specifically mean Belle.

While Belle's hair looks complex, it's actually incredibly easy to master, even if you're in a rush to get ready in the AM.

Plus, it's perfect for your sweaty mane, as the style will hold up best throughout the day in slightly greasy/dirty hair.

This YouTube tutorial will show you everything you need to know to recreate the look (feel free to ditch the blue ribbon; it's really the shell of the look that we're going for here).

2. Do spot treatment, but for your hair.

Ania Boniecka

Just as you would target specific problem areas when treating your skin, go ahead and focus on fixing whatever looks wonky in your hair at first glance.

For me, after perspiring through the whole night, I usually have these weird dents and waves randomly scattered throughout my roots, while my ends are pretty manageable.

Simply take your curling or flat iron (or both, if you're feeling ambitious), and lightly go over those problem areas, blending them with the rest of your hair until you reach a kind of textured, bedhead look.

If you come across any stubbornly frizzy areas, this olive oil-based cream works wonders.

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Cream, $10, Amazon

3. Lean into the mess with a messy bun.

If wearing your hair down simply isn't an option for your sweat-covered locks, take a cue from Rihanna and ~throw it up, throw it up.~

Most of us know how to create a messy bun, but this video gives you a real quick breakdown of the style in case you need a little help.

Feel free to take a few strands from the front of your hair, and lightly wrap those around a curling iron for a few seconds, letting the pieces fall to frame your face with soft waves.

4. Dunk it and braid it.

Bethany Olson

This is your go-to look if your hair has started to develop its own scent of B.O.

If you're in the shower, dunk your head under the water for just a split second, allowing about 60 percent of your head to get wet.

If there's no time for a shower, just splash some water on your hair from the sink, coating mostly just the ends, and maybe a little bit of your roots, if needed.

Braid your hair into a low side-ponytail, securing with an elastic that matches your hair color. Tug a little on parts of the actual braid to make sure it's not too tight and structured.

Once you get to wherever you need to be in the morning, undo the braid and shake it all out. You should have some killer waves to last you through the day.

5. Make it sleek AF.

Lauren Naefe

Just because you feel super sweaty doesn't mean you have to look that way, too.

Take advantage of the extra moisture in your hair by combing it all the way back and tying your hair into a super tight and super sleek high ponytail.

If the regular pony is a little too "blah" for you, take a cue from the earlier Belle look, flipping the ponytail inside out for a more unique style.