If You Want A Healthy 2017, Spend New Year's Eve At Home

Another year, another round of New Year's Eve parties to attend.

But what about those of us who prefer to take it easy and skip the whole party scene? What are we supposed to do on a holiday that seems to only be celebrated with debauchery?

It turns out, staying home for New Year's Eve is actually the best, and here's why.

1. You don't have to go out in the cold.

Unless you're in a warm climate like Southern California or Florida, then your weather this time of year is most likely frigid. When the thought of throwing on a sparkly gold dress makes you cringe, then maybe try spending the evening at home.

When you are home you get to be as comfortable and free as you want. Sweats and champagne? Yes, please.

You can call up your friends, invite them over for some hot toddies, throw on a snuggie and play cards against humanity while watching the ball drop from the comfort of your living room.

2. You don't have to pay expensive covers.

On any holiday, but especially New Year's Eve, restaurants create prix fixe menus. It sounds fancy, but don't be fooled. It just means that the price is fixed.

Usually, these types of prices are associated with a multiple course meal, so you're locked in to whatever the chef decided to prepare that day. You get no choices. Your choice may simply be to choose from a four- or three-course prix fixe meal. Fun right?

Wrong. I am definitely a picky eater, and there are people with various food allergies. I've found that these prix fixe meals are not catered for those of us with food sensitivities and allergies. Not to mention the high prices that restaurants charge for these meals.

3. No awkward midnight kiss.

Besides Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve is a holiday devoted to couples. There's always that stress-inducing midnight kiss debacle.

When did it become normal to expect a kiss at midnight on New Year's? What about the single girls? Now, we have to either rummage to find someone acceptable to kiss on New Year's or suffer being the single girl, kissing no one, watching everyone else make out.

Don't get me wrong, I've been the single girl on New Year's, for many many years. And to be honest, it's the societal and peer pressure that makes me uncomfortable being the lone single person at a New Year's party.

So instead, I choose to have some great friends around me, even if I'm the lone single girl. I know my friends don't care, so the pressure disappears, and I can actually celebrate without feeling any unnecessary pressure to have someone by my side for a smooch.

4. It's safer.

When you stay home, there is nowhere for you to go. That's where you sleep, so you don't have to drive anywhere. The risk for a fatal drunk-driving related accident is high around this time of year, with people indulging at parties and then thinking they are fine to drive. By staying home you avoid the risk of such accidents.

5. It's a time for reflection.

On the last night of the year, maybe instead of downing shots and shouting above way-too-loud music in clubs and fighting for a space in the crowd so you can at least see some fireworks, use the time to reflect.

Maybe, the last night of the year is for acknowledging what you've learned and accomplished this past year. What has changed for you in the last 12 months? Why not make it a point to realize what you are grateful for, and figure out how you'd like to spend this upcoming year.

And maybe, just maybe, for some of us, a little quiet reflection — with a glass of rosé on the side — is truly enough of a celebration.