This Vlogger Ditched Shampoo For 30 Days And Her Long Locks Look Incredible

by Julia Guerra

More and more people are experimenting with what's been called the "no 'poo trend" -- aka where you go as long as possible without washing your hair with shampoo or conditioner.

And YouTube vlogger Alyse Brautigam, otherwise known as Raw Alignment, is living proof of how this seemingly gross trend can actually do wonders for your hair.

Brautigam recently set out on a six-month long hike across the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

To make it a little more challenging -- as if walking the world's longest hiking footpath isn't adventurous enough -- she also decided this would be an opportune time to ditch shampoo and conditioning treatments for 30 days.

Personally, the longest I've ever gone without washing my hair was three days, and by then, I'd usually start having heart palpitations every time I'd look in the mirror or have to maneuver it all into a messy bun. So bravo to Brautigam for a) resisting the wash and b) feeling confident enough to show that ish on camera.

Taking all product out of the equation (even dry shampoo), Brautigam used only water to rinse out any dirt or build-up over a period of 30 days.

Keeping a detailed video diary throughout the month-long process, she shared a clip of the first shower free of any hair care products:

I was very surprised brushing through my hair after that shower of not using anything besides water, how easy it was to brush through. Normally, if I don't use shampoo or conditioner, it's really hard to brush through. I'd imagine that's from the oils.

Unfortunately, two weeks would be the high point in this vlogger's experiment.

By day 30 of her hike, all bets were off.

Admittedly throwing her hair up in a bun every day thereafter, Brautigam's hair had lost its soft texture and shine.

She claimed, while you couldn't tell from a viewer's standpoint, it was beginning to feel dry and oily at the top of the scalp:

Running her fingers through her tousled, rough head of hair, Brautigam explained:

The best way I can describe it is just that there's, like, gunk on it. It's thicker at the top and it's hard to work my fingers through ... It's almost like, a little bit moist and oily.

After 30 days 'poo-free, while her blonde locks look flawless from my side of the screen, looks can apparently be deceiving.

"I guess in general I don't like the feeling of my hair like this ... It's not an enjoyable texture," Brautigam said.

Just like you wouldn't fix something that isn't broken, when it comes to your hair, don't wash what isn't dirty.

Mainstream hair care companies are smart marketers, but unfortunately, the majority of products out there are doing a damaging number on your precious strands.

Formulated with a lengthy list of ingredients, those complex terms you can hardly pronounce are chemicals stripping your locks of their natural oils.

They can dry your hair out and cause the scalp to overcompensate by producing more oil, resulting in a big, greasy mess you have no choice but to wash.

Unfortunately, the solution is a slow, but totally doable process referred to as "oil training."

If you shampoo your hair every other day, try every two days, then every three. Gradually, your hair and scalp will adapt to this routine, and your hair won't be as greasy, as often.

While you do need to wash your hair with some regularity, you just don't need to wash it at the first sign of oil.

Shampoo less, opt for organic formulas, and let nature run its course.