How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn Off Your Favorite Valentine's Sweets

If you're planning to stock up on candy and eat your heart out this Valentine's Day, you're not alone.

According to research from Nielsen, it turns out Americans purchase approximately 58 million pounds of chocolate in the weeks leading up to this lovely holiday.

Yeah, that's a whole lot of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

If you're someone who happens to have a serious sweet tooth, you might want to look away.

I'm about to tell you something scarier than waking up on Valentine's Day and realizing you're still dateless.

Studies show "it only takes five fun-sized candy bars and no other dietary adjustments for someone to gain 1 pound of weight per week."

Now, that doesn't even sound like an outrageous amount of candy, so you can only imagine what demolishing an entire box of Godiva will do to your waistline.

Yep, those lovely confections may seem harmless, but all of the sugar and calories hiding inside those deceptive candies can sneak up on you faster than one of Cupid's arrows.

To put these sweets into perspective, we figured out how much exercise it takes to burn off some of your favorite Valentine's sweets. After looking at some of these calorie counts, you might want to think twice about polishing off that box of conversation hearts.

(Note: calories burned are based on a 125 lb female.)

Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts

Conversation Hearts

Godiva Chocolates

Hershey's Kisses

Red Velvet Cupcake

Valentine M&M's

Reese's Peanut Butter Heart

Russell Stover Chocolates

Peeps Marshmallow Hearts

Nestle Crunch Valentine's Heart