10 Times You Should Absolutely Not Use 'YOLO' As An Excuse

You only live once, right?

Right. "YOLO."

Although YOLO has been dubbed an extremely annoying phrase by many, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere and that's probably because it gives us an excuse to do things we know are bad for us -- because if not now, when?!

Yeah, we'd like to see you use that mentality the next time your friend asks if you want to use her free pass for a super hard spin class.

YOLO is actually kind of a problem. Gretchen Rubin, author of "Better Than Before," a book about habits, explains on her blog people often use YOLO as a loophole when they're trying to break a bad habit or keep a new one.

She writes,

This loophole comes in the disguise as an embrace of life or an acceptance of self, so that the failure to pursue a habit seems life-affirming — almost spiritual. But for most of us, the real aim isn’t to enjoy a few pleasures right now, but to build habits that will make us happy over the long term. Sometimes, that means giving up something in the present, or demanding more from ourselves.

Don't get us wrong: Sometimes YOLO can be a good thing. Like when you move to a new city, let yourself fall in love or take a job that scares you a little.

Other times, though, saying, "YOLO" is the worst thing ever. In fact, it's kind of killing you.

Here are 10 times you should absolutely not say "YOLO."

1. When you run out of condoms and have no idea when you were last tested for STDs. You also have no idea if the really hot girl next to you is on the pill.

2. When you have the urge to text the ex who cheated on you and broke up with you approximately eight times (you're having a hard time keeping track, honestly) because you miss him and there's a slight possibility he's the love of your life.

3. When your friends are all standing outside the bar smoking cigarettes and you're having serious FOMO because they're probably talking about really fun things, and one cigarette won't kill you.

4. When you have plans to go on a run before work tomorrow but want to watch three more episodes of "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix.

5. When the bar is about to close and that gross guy promises you'll have a lot more fun if you just accept the tequila shot he's offering to buy you.

6. When your rent is due tomorrow but you just found a pair of shoes that would look great with your new dress (which you obviously couldn't afford).

7. When you're trying to lose a few pounds but it was your roommate's coworker's birthday and she brought home a slice of stale cake that honestly looks delicious AF.

8. When you had plans to go home, cook dinner and call your grandma after work but your coworker invited you to a bar that apparently has one dollar shots for happy hour.

9. When you have 199 unanswered emails but stalking your ex on Facebook sounds like more fun (Spoiler alert: It won't be).

10. When you come home drunk and could either go to bed or cause serious damage related to texting, Snapchat, Instagram, food and possibly alcohol. Go to bed. Do not say "YOLO."

There is absolutely a time and place for YOLO. None of the examples above are them.

Please YOLO responsibly!