5 Unexpected Ways To Incorporate Tea Tree Oil In Your Everyday Life


Tea tree oil has been a stalwart of the health and cosmetic industry for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s been used as an insecticide, anti-bacterial and fungal ointment. Plus, it has some amazing effects on the skin and hair.

Although you might think this oil comes from a tree of some description, it actually comes from the tea tree plant of Australia and New Zealand. In fact, it was Captain Cook himself who named the plant, after using it to make an alternative to traditional brewed tea.

(Trust the British to name something after a pot of tea, huh?) Even with its slightly mischievous name, the benefits of tea tree oil cannot be understated. This wonderful substance is a huge business in the cosmetic and health industry because, quite simply, it does it all:

1. It’s anti-bacterial.

If you have a skin condition, a fungal nail issue or if your scalp is suffering, then tea tree oil is key. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are so strong, even the toughest infections can generally be cured quickly and effectively.

Some scientists have also witnessed the beneficial effects of tea tree oil when taken orally. It’s worth mentioning that tea tree oil is very strong, and can even be toxic when taken at full strength. However, in very small and limited doses, it’s been shown to improve the outcome for people suffering with tuberculosis and infections of the stomach, colon and bowels.

Still, I wouldn’t recommend taking tea tree oil orally, as it’s just so powerful. It's far better to keep it strictly in your cosmetic toolkit instead.

2. It’s a wonderful expectorant.

If you’re suffering from a particularly nasty cold or flu bug, then tea tree oil can be rubbed on the chest and used as an expectorant. It works by releasing a pine-smelling fragrance that you can breathe in. It loosens the heavy mucus, and generally helps you breathe more freely.

Many cough medicines actually contain small amounts of tea tree oil, especially if they’re not delivered orally. Tea tree oil is such a powerful expectorant, you can literally go from fully bugged and feeling horrible to breathing freely in 30 minutes. That’s the true power of tea tree oil at work.

3. It can help regrow hair.

Tea tree oil is an amazing pore and skin cleanser. It’s for this reason that many people swear by tea tree oil as a natural remedy for hair loss and age-related baldness. By stimulating the scalp and treating any underlying bacterial or fungal infection, tea tree oil can help hair regrow all by itself. Millions of people all over the world can attest to its beneficial effects on the scalp and hair.

To use it, simply take a few small drops and run it through your scalp and hair follicles. Never use too much, as tea tree oil is potent stuff. A few small drops every other day should yield a clean, healthy and steadily-growing scalp.

4. It’s a powerful insecticide.

Tea tree oil is so powerful and smells so strong, many insects just can't stand it. In small doses, such as within the tea tree plant, it can attract insects during pollination. However, in heavier doses, it actively repels and kills insects.

Tea tree oil has also been shown to kill parasitic worms and insects. This is handy if you’re traveling to an affected area of the world, and need to cure yourself quickly and effectively.

5. It stimulates blood circulation.

Tea tree oil has been used for hundreds of years as a general stimulant for blood circulation. It’s been used to treat male pattern baldness, joint pain and skin conditions, all by stimulating blood supply in the affected area.

It’s for this very reason that tea tree oil is hugely important in aromatherapy. Much of the aromatherapy treatment method revolves around stimulation and blood supply, and the resultant health effects it can have. Tea tree oil is a huge part of this toolkit, and aromatherapists the world over use it every day.

A Word Of Warning:

I couldn’t let you go without first warning you about the possible effects of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is powerful stuff. Whatever you’re using it for, never apply more than a few drops in a treatment session, and always leave a day or two in between treatments.

The absolute power of the tea tree plant is also what makes it incredibly toxic for humans. Always remember these tips so that this way, you can obtain the full benefits from tea tree oil while staying safe.