Tate McRae On Pilates With Glen Powell, Jake Shane, & Cold Plunges

The "Random" Way Tate McRae’s Viral Pilates Dates Started

Plus, the “Greedy” singer opens up about the wellness habits she’s embracing in 2024.

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Tate McRae is kicking off the world tour for her sophomore album, Think Later, in less than a month (on April 17!). The 20-year-old will be on the road for seven months — and she’s well-aware that self-care will require some extra TLC while she’s traveling and performing.

“There are a lot of ebbs and flows with my schedule, so I’m still working on establishing my routine,” McRae tells Elite Daily. “I’m constantly traveling, so it’s hard to stick to anything.”

While the pop star’s on the road, McRae might not be able to go viral for hitting the gym with Jake Shane and Glen Powell, but she has other ideas for keeping up with her self-care. Prioritizing sleep, journaling, manifestation, and hydration are all pillars of her wellness routine. (She’s also attempting to reduce her screen time — because who isn’t?)

TL;DR: The musician’s partnership with Essentia Hydroboost — fruit-flavored Essentia full of B-complex vitamins and electrolytes — is coming at a really great time. “I get sent boxes and boxes of Essentia every week,” McRae says. “So it’s constantly with me on tour on the road. My whole dressing room is hard-boiled eggs, turkey, and Essentia.” Truly, a recipe for success.

Below, McRae opens up about the healthy habits she’s bringing into 2024, her favorite ways to unwind, and how she became part of the internet’s favorite Pilates crew.


Elite Daily: Can you walk me through your daily self-care routine?

Tate McRae: I try to wake up, drink lemon water with Essentia, and have a coffee. If I have time, I’ll journal and put out some good energy into the world.

I’ve also realized that prioritizing my space and my time alone where I can just be with my thoughts is the best way to recover. So, when I’m home, I focus on being able to unwind after spending all day in the studio or at rehearsals.

ED: Do you have a favorite way to unwind?

TM: I call my mom for 45 minutes. I’ll do skin care, too. Put on a little headband, then put some masks and weird lasers on my face to calm down. I also attempt to cook, which can be very therapeutic.

ED: When you’re on tour, how do your wellness rituals change?

TM: You have to be a lot more intentional with your self-care routine on the road. When I’m hitting a low, the last thing I want to do is take care of myself. All I want to do is just rot in my bed, but the moment that I snap back into it, I’m in a way better mood. Once I start to eat healthy, drink water, go to the gym, force myself out of my house and get in nature, I feel so much better.

ED Although I do think bed rot should be classified as a very specific form of self-care.

TM: I agree. You need that time alone to eat whatever you want and do whatever you want. I still do it sometimes.

Essentia; Beth Saravo

ED: You mentioned going to the gym to maintain that good mental space. I’ve been loving those videos of you doing Pilates with Jake Shane and Glen Powell at the Alo gym. How did that start?

TM: I met Jake out at a random house party, and I remember asking, “Hey, do you want to work out with me tomorrow? Let’s be friends.” He came to the gym with me, and we’ve been workout buddies and best friends ever since.

It’s so funny. We work out with the most random people. Hence, why we were doing Pilates with Glen Powell.

ED: Do you guys have a Pilates group chat at this point where you coordinate, or is it still a bit random?

TM: We’re constantly traveling, but when we’re home, we have a little group chat where someone will say, “Pilates Wednesday.”

ED: That’s too funny. Do you think having a workout buddy helps keep you motivated?

TM: Having a workout buddy is everything. It is actually so important. When I get home from traveling, the last thing I want to do is book a workout. But when someone else is forcing me to go, it makes it a little easier.

ED: I know that Alo Gym also has a cold plunge. Have you tried that out, too?

TM: I cold plunge quite a bit, and I use the sauna. Jake’s really good at cold plunges, so we always do it together. He loves them because he overheats. It’s way better when you have someone doing it with you. Honestly, if you really focus in on your breathing and pretend you’re numb, it’s not as bad.

ED: Cold plunging has gotten so popular lately. What kind of results have you seen from it?

TM: It really helps with recovery. Also, I’m always in a way better mood after I get out. It is scientifically linked to releasing a whole bunch of endorphins. It makes me feel better more mentally than physically.

ED: Besides regular workouts, cold plunges, and drinking plenty of water, what other habits keep you feeling strong and healthy?

TM: Sleep is No. 1. Right now, I am running on four or five hours, which is really rough. But I’m also coming back from London, so maybe it’s jet lag.

Journaling is also huge for me. I do a lot of stream-of-consciousness journaling. I’ll just keep typing, and I’m not allowed to go back and delete. It gets my brain relaxed before bed. Sometimes, I’ll look back and try to get an inspiration for writing songs. I’ve been doing that since I was 8 years old.

I also try to jot down what I want to do for the week and work on manifesting for the month. Short-term goals are really helpful for me to stay on track.

ED: Do you believe in manifestation?

TM: I am the biggest believer of manifestation. I believe everything that has ever happened to me is because of it.

ED: You’ve talked about wanting to continue to implement good habits in your day-to-day life. What are your wellness goals for 2024?

TM: Drinking more water. Sometimes, I get on stage and forget to drink for my whole hour set, and then I’m really needing it. Having the Hydroboost on tour should help. I think flavored water will encourage me to drink more and not forget when I’m on stage.

Wellness-wise and just mentally, I’m trying to stay off my phone. That’s a big thing for me, getting off social media, because I feel like it derails my whole day if I scroll on TikTok in the morning.

ED: Celebrities going offline is a constant topic of conversation. What camp do you fall in: Would you ever announce that you were taking a break from social media, or would you just delete the apps?

TM: I’d probably just delete it. You never really know if you’re going to come back or not, and I just genuinely don’t think people care that much about it for me to announce that I’m going away. I don’t think anyone really cares. I wouldn’t make announcing that a priority. I’d probably just delete all the apps.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.