9 Symbols To Look For When You're Analyzing Your Dreams

by Rosey Baker
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A few weeks ago, I was sitting with a friend who was telling me about a dream she had.

In the dream, she was opening up boxes after a big move, and inside one big box, there was a huge quilt wrapped around something else. She unwrapped the quilt and found her dead childhood dog.

"What do you think it means?" she asked me.

I said, "I think it means you had a nightmare, not a dream."

We've all had bizarrely scary dreams that seemed to be absolutely dripping with meaning.

We google the answers, but at the end of the day, the only definite answer to what your dream means is what YOU think. It came from you, after all.

That being said, there are certain dream symbols you should never ignore, and I'm about to lay 'em on you.


Well, bad news for my friend I mentioned above. Boxes are a sign of emotional problems.

An empty box, unsurprisingly, could signal a disappointment. So, a box with your dead childhood dog in it probably signals a tragic disaster.

To dream of a lot of boxes all around you is likely a signal of the need to hide emotional problems or the looming fear of having to unpack them.


When you dream of a baby, this often symbolizes the birth of new beginnings. It could be a new career opportunity, a new idea or new room for personal growth.

But if you dream of a crying baby, it could be a sign you're ignoring part of yourself that needs vital attention. It can also represent a part of your life that is unfulfilled or goals that are waiting to be finished.

The Moon

The moon symbolizes your feminine side, your emotional self and the feelings you keep hidden from others.

To dream of a the moon could be a sign you are ready to become a parent, move to a new home or reconnect with your mother in some way.

That's right, your mother is nagging you to call her, even in your dreams.


To dream you are falling and are terrified symbolizes a lack of control in your waking life as well as a deep-seated insecurity.

You might be experiencing a current setback or failure, and it's causing you to feel extremely overwhelmed.

But not all falling dreams are bad omens.

If you dream you're falling but you aren't afraid, this signifies you'll be able prevail over whatever challenges you're currently facing.


A ringing phone in your dream means you've made contact with a new part of your personality. The ring could be new opportunities coming up, and if you're a lucid dreamer, it's a good idea to go ahead and pick up.

If you're ignoring the ring, it could be a sign you are ignoring some messages. But if you're that person, you probably wouldn't be reading this article now, would you?

No, you'd be busy ignoring messages.


If you are dreaming of navigating a paved road, pay attention to how easily you can do it.

If the road is clear, long and narrow, it could symbolize your road to achieving your goals is going to be simple.

If it's long and winding, well, you get it. But if the road is full of blockades and hard to see because of fog or something, you may have chosen a path that isn't right for you.

Being Chased

If you dream you're being chased, it could represent you're evading a situation you don't want to deal with or think you can overcome. You're basically running away from your problems.

To dream you are chasing someone symbolizes you're trying to conquer a challenging goal. It could also be a sign you're feeling aggressive toward certain people in your life.


Dreaming of flowers is a clear indication of new life springing up.

If you see a flower growing, it could mean new opportunities are coming. If you are planting flowers in your dream, it could mean you are sowing seeds for new growth in your life in some way.

If you see dead flowers in your dream, however, it's a sign that a certain chapter in your life is over, so pay attention to who the giver of said flowers was.


Water is a symbol of subconscious feelings, thoughts or beliefs.

Dreaming of showering could mean you are cleansing yourself of some old negative belief systems, while dreaming you are underwater could mean you are swimming around exploring your unconscious.

It could also mean you are feeling you are in over your head in some way.

Did you recently start going to therapy? Stay on the lookout for water dreams.

So, there you have it, kids. It's always a good idea to write your dreams down so that you are staying aware of what's going on in the deep, dark recesses of your mind.

If you don't pay attention to the messages of your subconscious, you could end up living a life that isn't the truest expression of your soul.

And doing the work that your soul calls you to do is the purpose of this weird-ass journey, friends.

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