Here's What You Need To Stop Doing If You Want Healthy, Vibrant Hair

by Kate Ryan

Say it ain't so! The worst thing you can do to your hair color (and your hair in general, apparently) is fry it with a flat iron.

It's a habit we've all likely suspected of being horrible for our follicles. I mean, it's never great to smell your hair burning while it's still on your head.

But hair colorist Guy Tang explained in a YouTube video how truly awful straightening your hair is when it comes to maintaining your color.

The results from his mini science experiment were pretty horrifying, as evidenced by this Instagram post.

He makes a good point: We rarely ever cook our food with 400-degree heat, so why would we subject our hair to the same torture? The same goes for super hot showers: It is no bueno for your lavender locks.

Now that you have a choice between warm, relaxing showers and killer hair, what's it going to be?

Watch the full video below to see the damage before your very own eyes, and then come to a critical style decision.

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