Sleeping In The Summer Can Be Brutal, But These 4 Life Hacks Can Make It Easier

by Imani Brammer

Trying to catch a decent snooze in the summertime isn't too much to ask for, right? And yet it still feels damn near impossible to get most nights. Must we all just accept the fact that we'll always wake up feeling sweaty and gross, or is there really a way to sleep better in the summer that no one's telling us about?

Well, my friends, I think I may have finally found a few solutions, and lucky for you, I'm so down to share them with you.

If you feel like giving up on summertime sleep, here are a few alternatives to help you get through this last month of the season.

1. Shower Before Bed

Showering before bed provides your body with a cool-down effect because the water against your skin mimics perspiration: your body's natural way of decreasing its temperature.

Besides, sleeping with a freshly cleaned body always feels amazing against clean sheets, amirite?

2. Stay Away From T-Shirt Sheets

You know those t-shirt sheets you can get from Target? The ones that feel like high-quality t-shirt material, only, made into the form of sheets?

Don't use those if it's summertime, because trust me, it'll make your sleep so uncomfortable.

From experience, using these t-shirt sheets during the dog days of summer feels sticky against your skin, particularly if you tend to sweat a lot while you snooze.

3. Reduce Your Body Heat

Elite Daily spoke with Bryan Murphy, founder and president of Tomorrow Sleep, who explains, "to fall into deep sleep, your body temperature must be reduced by about two degrees."

An easy way to decrease your body temperature just before bed is to drink a tall glass of ice water as you wind down. Before you know it, those sheets will feel borderline orgasmic against your goosebumps.

4. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera actually has specific vitamins and minerals that helps to give the body a cool-down effect.

To apply it, you can rub aloe vera gel all over your body, or you can consume it in the form of an all-natural juice.

At the end of the day, I know you cannot control the weather. But you can control what you do about it.

If it takes a lot of resourcefulness and a bit of investment, then hey, go for it. The rest of your day means nothing if you don't have a restful night of sleep to keep you going.