12 Brilliant Hacks To Keep You From Waking Up Sweaty


The birds are chirping. The sun is beaming through your window. It's a beautiful morning, except that you're lying in a pool of your own sweat.

Thankfully, there are a few nighttime hacks to keep you from waking up sweaty, no matter what the reason might be.

For some people, night sweats are caused by shifting hormones, medication, or diet. Other people sleep next to a human radiator, and some of us just can't bring ourselves to splurge on an air conditioner. But not to worry — there are brilliant products out there (think: a pillow that you put in the freezer) that will be total lifesavers when you're starting to sweat.

If you're dreading the idea of summer because you soak through your sheets even in the dead of winter, here are a few genius hacks that can help.

1. Swap Your Cotton Sheets For A More Breathable Bamboo Set


Mandarin Home Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets, $31, Amazon

Rayon derived from bamboo is not only much more breathable than cotton — it's also lighter and better at wicking away moisture. These Mandarin Home luxury bamboo bed sheets are made from a mixture of a rayon-microfiber blend.

Amazon reviewers rave about how they're durable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to fading, stains, dust mites, and wrinkles. They also come in five different sizes and 12 colors.

2. Always Sleep On The "Cool Side Of The Pillow"


Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat, $25, Amazon

If you flip your pillow over 10 times a night chasing the ever-illusive "cold side of the pillow," try the Penguin pillow mat. It's filled with a macromolecule cooling gel that stays flexible even when it's frozen.

It won't leak, works under or on top of your pillowcase, and promises to regulate body temperature for hours.

3. Optimize Your Air Flow With This Device


Deflecto Adjustable Wall Air Deflector, $6, Amazon

Maybe you've got AC in your room, but the vents just aren't strategically placed.

The Deflecto air deflector has a magnetic design that attaches to your vent so you can point the air in another direction. It's durable, adjustable, and one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer wrote, "It may only be a piece of plastic but it has definitely saved me from overheating at night."

 4. Activate Your Quick-Cooling Spots With A Clay Sleep Mask


FOMI Therapy Cold Clay Mask, $10, Amazon

Your body has quick-cooling spots that you can use to override your core temperature. They're located on major pulse points, and include your wrists, ankles, and temples.

Activate the cooling spots on your temples with this FOMI cold therapy mask. It's filled with a clay mixture that you can throw in the freezer to fix overheating as well as dark circles and headaches.

5. Hot Feet? Try This Cooling Peppermint Spray


The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, $10, Amazon

Many people suffer from burning feet when they go to bed at night, but hands and feet are the quickest way to balance your core temperature — that's why sticking a foot out of the covers can do wonders.

The Body Shop foot spray has awesome ingredients like peppermint, menthol, and grape extract. It leaves your skin feeling clean, cool, and refreshed, so you can fall asleep comfortably.

6. Keep Your Neck Cool, Keep Your Body Cool


Bucky Soothing Neck Wrap, $34, Amazon

The back of your neck is another spot that helps to balance your core temperature. This Bucky neck wrap can be thrown in the freezer (or the microwave) to provide soothing temperature therapy.

It's filled with flexible flax seeds that are great for relieving tension and stress. It's also hypoallergenic and comes with a washable cover.

7. Cuddle Up With A Blanket That Adjusts To Your Body Temperature


Climabalance Temperature Adjusting Comforter, $80, Amazon

If your core temperature is constantly fluctuating between freezing and sweating, you need a blanket that can adjust with you. Enter: the Climabalance temperature adjusting comforter.

It transports humidity and heat three times faster than your average blanket. That's because it has ventilated squares that let the right amount of air escape without leaving you shivering. "Keeps you cool and warm at the same time," wrote one reviewer.

8. Slip On A Set Of Pajamas That Will Help Keep You Cool


Christian Siriano New York Shorts Set, $20, Amazon

Toss out that old grungy T-shirt and gym shorts combo you've been sleeping in since high school and slip into this Christian Siriano pajama set made from breathable, cooling bamboo.  This set is lightweight, loose-fitting, and includes a tank top featuring sexy (and ventilating) side slits and a pair of drawstring shorts.

9. Try This Pillow That Won't Trap Heat


Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow, $30, Amazon

Some pillows trap heat like a greenhouse. Choosing a pillow that allows for ventilation and airflow can make a huge difference in your sweat levels.

The Cr Sleep memory foam pillow has tons of features to keep you cool, like ventilation holes, gel-infused dual side covers, breathable fabrics, and gel memory foam. It's also super supportive and insanely comfy.

10. Make Your Bed Cozy And Cool With A Bamboo Mattress Topper


Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Topper, $70, Amazon

Some people love the feeling of extra fluff, but hate the heat that accompanies it. The Zen Bamboo mattress topper gives you the best of both worlds.

Not only is this mattress topper super soft, the bamboo-microfiber blend helps regulate body temperature, prevents heat from being trapped between the body and the mattress, and wicks away moisture. It also comes with the backing of more than 200 positive reviews on Amazon and an almost unanimous five-star rating — so you can sleep soundly knowing this mattress topper is worth the money.

11. Slather On This Cooling Cream Right Before Bed


Peppermint & Menthol Cooling Cream, $15, Amazon

Some moisturizers sit heavy on your skin and contribute to sweating. This Peppermint & Menthol cooling cream does just the opposite. It nourishes and soothes hot skin with cooling ingredients, and it's great for muscle pain, nerve pain, and tired joints, too.

12. Choose A Small Fan With Serious Circulation Power


Vornado Flippi Personal Air Circulator, $20, Amazon

Most fans create a tiny breeze in a small corner of the room. The Vornado Flippi personal air circulator uses its signature vortex design to pull in (and send out) way more air than your average fan.

It's space-savvy, has two speed settings, and can swivel to point in any direction. It also comes in seven chic colors.

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