Lifestyle — People Who Sleep Late Are Smarter

Most days, I sleep in.

Even though the first couple moments of my day are frantic because I've slept past my alarm, for the rest of the day, I'm full of energy. And I usually have no regrets that I showed up late to work.

In Ernest Hemingway's own words,

I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?

While I don't totally agree about the whole sleeping to avoid life thing (as I definitely lead a less traumatic life than Hemingway did), sleep is often the best part of my day.

After a long day of BS, there's nothing better than cozying up in your sweats and passing out for 12 hours or more.


While eight hours of sleep a night works for a lot of people, it doesn't work for me.

With that amount of sleep, I find I'm usually lethargic all day, never really feeling "awake." Also, I have a hard time going to sleep at night when the world is finally quiet and I can think.

So, for any of you who find yourself on an unconventional sleep schedule like mine, there's good news.

A study found that contrary to public opinion, late sleepers are often more intelligent than those who wake up early.

The study was designed to analyze creative thinking. It sampled 120 men and women who had to self-report whether they were morning or night people.

Then, they had the participants do a series of tests. The results were intriguing.

Overall, the researchers found that night people scored higher in originality, elaboration and fluidity (aka, creative thinking) than the early risers.

While this isn't necessarily an excuse to sleep later, it is good news for those of us who can't help it. We're not lazy; we're creative!


To learn more about why people who sleep in are usually better off, watch the video above.

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