Here's How You Can Get A Toned 6-Pack In Less Than A Month

Getting a six-pack isn't easy.

As a marathon runner, I used to run every day and wonder why I still had a little extra layer of fat in my lower pooch area that never seemed to go away.

I've always had a faint four-pack, but I could never figure out why, with all the running and cardio I did, I could never get a six-pack.

So, I took myself to the gym (more specifically, the weight room area) and decided it was time to get the abs I'd always wanted.

I created a workout that not only gave me a six-pack in no time at all, but was also quick and relatively easy.

With proper nutrition (and a little less bread than usual), I had my six-pack stomach in less than a month.

Laura Adani

So, here's what we're going to do:


Do four sets with 25 reps in each set, and do them fast!

We can only give ourselves a few seconds of rest between each set. Keep those arms behind crossed over your chest — no head supporting here.

We want to focus on those abs, so don't swing your body or use your arms to bring you up.

Russian twists

Next, grab a 10-pound weight. Sit on the your mat, or on a padded workout bench, and elevate your feet to a 90-degree angle with your back half a foot off the ground.

Begin those Russian twists. Do four sets of 25.

Your abs should be on fire by the end of it! If they aren't, lean back even farther or grab a heavier weight.

The more you twist, the more you'll engage those abs.

After you do those four sets, it's time to zero in on those obliques.

Stay in the Russian twist position while still holding the weight, but only twist to one side. Do three sets of 15 twists on each side.

Leg lifts

After the Russian twists, it's time for some leg lifts.

Lie down on a mat with your hands straight out to the side and your feet out flat in front of you.

Lift your legs high into the sky and then bring then back down, about 6 inches off the floor. Repeat.

Try to keep your legs as straight as possible, with your knees bent just slightly. Make sure your back is tight against the floor and not coming up off the ground. Do two sets of 30.

Lastly, it's time for some bicycles! Once again, lie flat on the floor and bring those legs up about 6 inches off the ground, straight out.

Put your hands behind your head and pull one knee up to your chest, and touch the knee with your opposite elbow, crunching your abs in the process.

This move works out your abs and your lower pouch! Start by doing them slow and controlled so you really feel those ab muscles working.

Do two sets of 25.


Now it's time to pick up the pace. We are going to end this workout with a bang!

Do 100 bicycles fast and controlled. I know it's going to burn once you get to those higher reps, but the more it burns, the better your results will be.

Add this workout on top of your daily cardio and any muscle groups you choose to work out. Do it four to five times per week for optimal results.

And remember, the battle for those abs is 20 percent what you do in the gym, and the other 80 percent is what happens in the kitchen.

Happy crunching!