If You’re Always Sick, There Could Be A Spiritual Fix For Each Illness

by Rosey Baker

Even though science has only just begun to talk about the mind-body connection, healers have been discussing it for years.

And if haven't read about this connection before, well, GET INTO IT.

Not only is it fun (in a morbid way) to look up how patterns of thought can affect our health problems, but it also gives us a sense that perhaps, in some small way, we have more control over our bodies than we even acknowledge.

That is empowering AF.

Basically, there is a belief out there that the mind and body are so interconnected that specific patterns of thought can serve to explain physical aches, pains or problems in the body.

Essentially, these healers believe (as many spiritualists do) everything happens for a reason, and that the reason is YOU.

Here are some of the metaphysical reasons for your physical ailments, according to the spiritual (and admittedly hippie-dippie) site, in5D.

Scalp problems

Since the scalp is the highest point on the head, it's said to reflect contact with higher truths.

So, conflicting feelings about religion and logic or psychic messages that may be difficult to process or accept can supposedly develop into a problem with the skin on the scalp such as eczema, alopecia, etc.

To remedy these problems, take some time to figure out what you actually believe in and what truths you really want to subscribe to.

Facial injury or paralysis

Our face is the messenger of our feelings, and it is subject to tension and stress when we feel we have to limit the expression of our feelings.

Holistic medicine suggests that by having to limit or falsify the expression of our feelings, the body elicits a sympathetic response that can range from paralysis to inflammations, rashes, neurological "ticks" or other abnormalities.

The suggested remedy is to work toward fully honest self-expression.

Neck problems

The neck is effectively the only thing keeping our head on our shoulders, and therefore, when conflicts arise between one's ideals and reality, the neck will reflect this tension.

According to holistic medicine, these tensions can take the form of misaligned bones or pinched nerves that result in an inability to move the head or neck.

Basically, holistic medicine thinks you need to either get real about your ideals or change your life to match them.

Then, your neck will feel a lot better.

Worth a shot, I guess!

Ribs and torso injuries

Holistic thought suggests that the ribs and torso are symbols of personal space.

Since the ribs are symbolic of breathing room, and the surrounding muscles protect them, any injury to these is considered the body's sympathetic response to a lack of personal boundaries.

My mom broke a rib when she fell down the stairs once, and those stairs definitely invaded her personal space.

So, I can't argue with this kind of rock solid logic.

Sex organ issues

Holistically speaking, all of our sexual desires are connected to a desire to recreate life, whether it be human life or the life of a creative project.

So, any kind of sexual organ issues point to a creative crisis.

According to Louise L. Hay, author of "You Can Heal Your Life," sexually transmitted disease can point to self-punishment over guilt connected to sexual or creative pleasure.

So, if you're having some probs with your sexual organs, I guess pick up some new D or at least a new hobby.

I'm sure scientists would scoff at everything on the list above, but at the very least, it's an interesting and fun way to look at ourselves.

And I'm all for that.