These Are The 7 Times You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Bailing On The Gym

by Collette Reitz

It's officially that time of year when we pick peppermint over pumpkin and still enjoy a fresh snowfall without worrying about rock salt stains.

But, it's no surprise that a pristine fitness regimen is not always at the top of our wish list during the holiday season.

As the year winds down and we celebrate with friends and family, there is a case to be made for skipping spin class in favor of a holiday happy hour.

Here are seven times you shouldn't feel guilty about bailing on your workout:

1. Long-lost friends are in town

If the last time you saw your college pals was when Thursdays were always "thirsty," then consider this your pass to reminisce about the old times and catch up on the new.

Thirty minutes on a treadmill will never be as good for you as nurturing your soul with good company.

Bonus: you'll probably spend most of your time laughing off the calories!

2. Last-minute presents

So, you missed the window for online shopping without a monster delivery fee. Now you have to brave the mall after work to make sure you have all the special people in your life covered.

Grab your work bestie, and you two will check off your list (Maybe split a giant mall pretzel?) in no time!

Don't stress fitting in a gym session because in the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, "Shopping is my cardio."

3. Christmas vacation

Are you lucky enough to escape from reality for a few days? Toning your triceps should be the last thing on your mind.

Embrace your free time, and ditch the schedule.

If you're on a group trip, enjoy reconnecting with those people that get lost in our fast-paced lives.

A solo getaway? Take advantage of the opportunity to center yourself as you prepare for the new year.

There will be plenty of time for workouts then.

4. Under the weather

Cooler temps also mean cold and flu season. If you come down with something, it's best to rest up and avoid the gym with all its germ-filled machines.

Heal up with Netflix and a hot toddy. There's nothing Ross Geller as the holiday armadillo can't fix.

5. Holiday date night

Whether you're meeting your honey under the mistletoe before finally checking out "Hamilton" or lacing up your skates to do your best Nancy Kerrigan impression, there is no reason to fret about missing bootcamp this December.

Holiday magic and twinkling lights only come around once a year.  Take advantage of the built-in romance of the season for the best date night you could ever imagine.

6. Girls' night

Delete Bumble, or leave bae at home for the night. The holidays are the best time for a footie pajama and movie marathon all-nighter.

Gather your squad, and skip barre just this once.

With all the classics you'll want to get through, there will be plenty of time for baking all of your fave cookies and mixing up a few festive cocktails.

If you're really dying to get your steps in, bundle up and head outdoors to you let your neighbors know, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

7. Family traditions

Does your fam go full Clark Griswold and chop down a tree straight from the forest? Or do you always look forward to your little cousin's adorably off-key performance in the annual Christmas pageant?

There's no time to worry about fitting in your daily squats. Focus on finally winning the ugly sweater contest this year.

Your family doesn't care what size your pants are. They just want to spend time with you!

So, don't stress about eating your third tree-shaped sugar cookie at the holiday party.

Enjoy your family and friends, and get reacquainted with your yoga mat in the new year.