5 Ways You Can Shed Pounds Without Ever Stepping Foot In A Gym

by Charlee Dyroff

Being healthy shouldn't be so complicated.

The truth is, if you focus more on living a full and happy life, you'll worry less about weight.

They say that people are prettiest when they are happy, and I think there's a good chance you'll be at your best body shape when you're happy, too.

Here are five ways get in shape without crazy dieting or spending hours at the gym:

1. Stay busy.

Find a job or hobby that you are passionate about and stay busy.

When you're working toward goals, meeting people and checking things off your to-do list, your energy levels will be higher, and you won't think so much about your next meal or the doughnut you're craving.

Just make sure that when you're working toward your goals, you don't have an open bag of cookies next to the computer.

Mindless eating works against the staying busy tactic.

2. Buy comfortable shoes (and use them).

It's quite simple: If you're wearing comfortable shoes, you'll move around more.

The extra block to the store? No big deal. Stairs instead of elevator? No problem.

A good pair of comfortable shoes are your best friend in burning mindless calories just from the simple idea that you won't feel the need to be sitting in a chair all day to take the pressure off blisters forming.

3. Make cooking a social thing.

“Cooking” is the new “let's grab drinks.”

Find friends who like to cook, and try out fun new recipes.

Cooking at home often leads to less oils and sauces used, and you can give yourself smaller portions.

It also cuts out the peer pressure of drinking. Alcohol is a very social aspect of life, but it also breaks your wallet and adds pointless calories to a simple Tuesday night.

Besides, walking to the store to get materials and then preparing the meal burns calories (not a ton, but more than sitting lazily at a bar).

4. Sauce is not boss, but water can be.

So, you like ketchup? Well, that's great, but did you know most condiments and sauces are filled with sugar?

And ordering a drink, even non-alcoholic, can also add sugar to your day. There are a ton of drinks out there that you might be slurping down calories without even knowing it.

If you opt for water, over time, you'll be saving yourself thousands of calories.

5. Go to bed.

If you're tired, that doesn't mean open up another bag of chips. That means you should probably go to bed.

I'm a huge culprit of late-night snacking when I try to force more work, social time or just plain hours into my day.

Yet, tired me eats more and has less control than rested me. We only have so much self-control in a day, and by night, a lot of it is used up.

Stay busy with life goals, buy cute shoes to walk in, cook, drink water, sleep and basically take care of yourself!

Our bodies are all unique and react to things differently, but these are a few easy ways to improve your health without strict dieting or dropping tons of cash and time on exercise classes.