Lifestyle — These Are All The Reasons You're Constantly Late For Everything

I'm always late for everything.

Even if there's a really important meeting at work one day and I wake up at a reasonable hour that would've allowed me to get there on time, I'll show up minutes after I'm supposed to be there.

I either get distracted by the rad '90s fem power playlist I made the night before, or I get bored by my morning routine and find myself ironing clothes I don't even plan to wear that day. (Seriously, ironing can be really fun when you don't want to go to work.)

By the time I arrive to work, I've sweated through the half-assed hair and makeup job I half-tried to do, and I'm either apologizing profusely or trying to act like nothing happened.

Being late is a mortifying couple of moments. It can cause some major self-loathing, but it only lasts for a couple minutes.

So, that shame isn't motivating enough for me to move my tardy tush the next time around. Also, being late to some things isn't always bad.

Being late for situations where it's “cool” to arrive late can make me feel like a special guest. It's like everyone missed me and was just having a so-so time at the party until I arrived.

Once I'm there, the whole thing really comes together.

But, it's really because everyone is tipsy by the time I get there, and I'm armed with a pack of beer they'd like to get their hands on.

In one situation, I'm the fool, and in the other, I'm cool. This is part of why I can't get my act together.

According to several psychologists, the main reason people are late is because they underestimate how long a task is going to take them. A psychology professor at Wilfrid Laurier University found that people actually underestimate task completion time by 40 percent.

To learn more about the psychological reasons you're always late, watch the video above.

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