If You Do This One Thing, You're Probably A Lot Happier Than Most People

Have plans to drink a bottle of wine with your best friend tonight? Hold that thought. According to new research, spending your night reading a book will actually make you a lot happier.

I know, I know. You haven't read a book since your senior year English class. There's just so much good TV on these days!

But according to a poll conducted by an adult reading program in the UK called Quick Reads and the Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society at the University of Liverpool, settling in for the night with a book you really want to read improves overall happiness.

The survey presented 2,000 adults with 17 questions about their reading habits. Over a quarter of participants said reading inspired them to make positive life changes while 41 percent said reading books was more relaxing than a night out with friends, a glass of wine or a bubble bath.

Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?

Well, this is hardly the first time the positive effects of reading were studied. According to studies published in 2006 and 2009 by psychologist Raymond Mar, people who read fiction are more empathetic than those who don't.

So, back to that wine plan you made with your BFF. Take a raincheck, and suggest the two of you head to the bookstore instead.

Sounds pretty fun, right? And if you need reading suggestions, check out our list of books every Millennial should read.

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